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Padjadjaran University Choir • News



The Enthusiasm to Develop in Comparative Study with PSM STKS Bandung

Every year, Unpad Choir always strives to develop and be better. One of the efforts made by Unpad Choir was to conduct comparative studies prigram with other choirs. On Saturday (6/4), Unpad Choir had the opportunity to receive a visit from PSM STKS (Sekolah Tinggi Kesejahteraan Sosial) Bandung in Unpad Jatinangor.


Nada Diraya: Melodies of Courage

Universitas Padjadjaran Choir (Unpad Choir) opened the year by showing the potential of its singers at the first Vocal Recital concert in 2019, Nada Diraya (21/3) at RSG Unpad Dipatiukur, Building 2. Audience cheers were heard when Farah Azka Gazali opened the first Vocal Recital concert in 2019 with the song Gita Malam by Badjuri.


Discovering Soul Friends in Kabinet Anam Cara 2019 Committee Bonding

Being part of Unpad Choir not only acts as a singer but also acts as an agent for the organization. This year, the management of Unpad Choir was named the Anam Cara Cabinet. On Saturday (02/03/19) the Anam Cara Cabinet held a management bonding at the West UKM Field of Padjadjaran University which was attended by all parts of the Anam Cara Cabinet management.


Welcoming the New Year with a New Chorus

As we celebrate the beginning of a new year, Unpad Choir is back again with one of its annual concert, the Intern Concert. As the name suggests, the Intern Concert is a concert held by two of the youngest generations of Unpad Choir. For this year’s Intern Concert, batch 2017 and 2018 will collaborate together for the upcoming event.


PSM Unpad Cooperates With The LHK Ministry In "Watershed Restoration"

[unpadchoir.com, 9/1/2018] Unpad Choir was trusted to present a number of songs in the event "Launching of the National Movement for Restoring Watersheds (DAS): Healthy Watershed of People's Welfare" which was held by the Directorate General of River Flow Control and Forest Protection (PDASHL) of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry (LHK) in East Jomin Village, Karawang Regency, 28 - 29 December 2018.


PSM Unpad’s 2018 Kaleidoscope

Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Universitas Padjadjaran (PSM Unpad) is very grateful and thankful of His abundant blessings and gifts throughout 2018. Following is a summary of the activities carried out by Unpad Choir throughout the year. Not only by showing the expertise of its members by singing in groups, Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Universitas Padjadjaran (PSM Unpad) also proofed the ability of its member to sing solo through “A Faithful Journey” which was the first Vocal Recital Concert of 2018 which was held on Thursday (8/03). 


Welcoming Party 2018: A Step Closer to Unpad Choir

As the closing of the New Membership Acceptance Series (RPAB), the Unpad Choir held a Welcoming Party event at Rumah Kayu Organik Villa, Lembang, Bandung Regency. Not only new members and active students participated in this activity, but also the technical teams, alumni, and also the main coach of Unpad Choir, Arvin Zeinullah. This activity lasted for three days (6-8 / 12), and through this activity, new members were required to get to know organizational culture through Unpad Choir's values.


Choralescence: The Unity of Two Souls into One

There is something different in the Annual Concert of Universitas Padjadjaran Choir (Unpad Choir) this year. The stage was filled with more than 150 singers with different costumes from two choir teams, namely Unpad Choir and IPB Agria Swara Choir. The 22nd Annual Concert this time was held in two places namely Tan Siong Kie Hall, Jakarta (25/11) and Grha Sanusi, Bandung (29/11).

This collaboration concert was titled Choralescence, taken from two English terms. The term Chorale means singing in a choir, while the second term is Coalescence which means melting. These two terms are united and form a new meaning, namely the fusion of two different choirs,


The Beauty of Colors and Flavors in Unpad Choir Alumni Concert: Naranesia

Having succesfully presented 3 previous concerts, alumni PSM Unpad held another concert entitled "Naranesia: Sebuah Konser tentang Rona dan Rasa Indonesia" at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata, last Saturday (10/20). Naranesia described Indonesia's profound love in diverse hue and taste. Rona describes the tale and history about what this country has gone through, and the sense of describing love for it through its culinary diversity.


A Wondrous Euphony: Stunning the Audience with A Beautiful Harmony

Unpad Choir has once again shown the quality of singing of its members with the implementation of A Wondrous Euphony Vocal Recital Concert on Thursday (10/18). This Vocal Recital Concert is the second recital in 2018 and becomes a Vocal Recital Concert whose committee is Unpad Choir's new members of 2017.


The Warm Ambiance in Comparative Study of Unpad Choir

The desire to develop further by continuing to learn is one of the images of the Indonesian choir. This can be seen from the comparative study done by three choirs towards Unpad Choir on three different occasions, namely Purwacaraka Music Studio Choir Cibubur (30/8), Satya Dharma Gita Student Choir Faculty of Law Diponegoro University (9/15) at Dipatiukur Unpad, and the Gita Tirtayasa Student Choir at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University (29/9) at Unpad Jatinangor.


Unpad Choir and Agria Swara: Preparing Themselves Further for the Collaboration Concert

A low noise was heard from the 4th floor of RSG Building 2 Unpad Dipatiukur depicting the joyous atmosphere that enveloped the singers from Unpad Choir and IPB Choir Agria Swara which last Sunday (9/23) was united for the first time in Joint Training Collaborative Prime Concert. The Choralescence concert involved


Early Steps to get closer with Unpad Choir

After Previously holding the Student Day Activities, Unpad Choir held another activity to welcome the new members, namely The Open House and voice placements or Ambitus. The Open House was held in Building C of the Faculty of Social and Politcal Sciences, Padjadjaran University, Wednesday (06/09). The Admission for New Members was then continued with the voice placements. The Ambitus, which was wwas attended by more than 200 people, was held at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Padjadjaran University, Saturday (08/09).



Padjadjaran University welcomes new students of class 2018 in Prabu. All student organizations and Student Activity Units, including the Unpad Choir, also enlivened this activity.


Unpad Choir's Spirit of Nationalism in the Glorious 73 Years of Indonesia

In commemoration of the 73 years of Indonesia's independence, Unpad Choir was again given by the West Java Provincial Government (West Java Provincial Government) the chance to fill in on the aubade in the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary ceremony. Taking place in Gasibu Square, Bandung, this ceremony was held in two parts, namely flag raising and flag reduction (Gelar Senja), Friday (17/8).
Still in the midst of the 73rd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, Unpad Choir also became the filler in the aubade ceremony of the 73rd Independence Day of Indonesia at Bandung City Hall and the Rectorate of Padjadjaran University.


Spirited Beat of Unpad Choir at The 7th Bali International Choir Festival

Right at the age of 40 years, Unpad Choir re-carved their achievements by winning the Grand Champion title in the 7th Bali International Choir Festival (BICF) held at La Prime Plaza Hotel Denpasar, Bali on July 27, 2018. Before getting into the Grand round Prix 7th Bali International Choir Festival, Unpad Choir won the Champion Category of Mixed Choir.



Various achievements and works have been given by Unpad Choir along the way 40 years. To celebrate this happy moment, Unpad Choir held the 40th Anniversary of Unpad Choir in Arion Swiss-belhotel, on Saturday (14/07). The event was enlivened by the active members of Unpad Choir and members of Unpad Choir alumni from various generations. Aside from being a gathering event for all the young generation and formerly of Unpad Choir, various new programs that are being run by the management of Apresiatif Cabinet are also introduced so that the alumni can know more about  the young generation of Unpad Choir.


Ramadhan Harmony: The Spirit of Sharing Happiness

Universitas Padjadjaran Choir has once again held a social service event Unpad Choir Shares with the theme “Ramadhan Harmony” Sunday (27/5) ago at Riyaadlul Jannah Orphanage, Cikeruh Village, Jatinangor. This activity is the second social activity that was proclaimed by the division of Project Development of Unpad Choir. This social event is also one of a series of events to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Unpad Choir.



On May 20th, a collaboration concert for celebrating the 25th anniversary of the talented Indonesian composer, Ken Steven, has been successfully held at Dago Tea House Bandung. PSM Unpad along with Aperto Singers performed Ken Steven's songs harmoniously. In addition, there was also traditional dance performances by the dances of Asep Chilok Dance co, accompanied by piano played by Daniel Alexander, and some flute melodies by Ronny Gunawan.


Excitements for The Choralboration Concert with Ken Steven: "We're Ready!"

To celebrate the 25th birthday of the famous Indonesian composer, Ken Steven, a forthcoming event with the title of Choralboration Concert will be held on 20 May 2018 at Dago Tea House, Bandung. Ken Steven invited various musicians and artists from different backgrounds to collaborate in presenting his own works during his time in the music world. PSM Unpad surely will also participate by singing 11 compositions by Ken Steven in male choir, female choir, and mixed choir, adding simple choreography in some songs to beautify the entire performances.


Enchanting Chants: Charming Singing of Unpad Choir’s Youngest Generation

In the lively 40th anniversary, Unpad Choir has once again successfully held the 13th Intern Concert, Tuesday (24/4). The concert titled Enchanting Chants was held at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Padjadjaran University, Dipatiukur campus. The concert of two of the youngest generations of Unpad Choir succeeded in making Grha Sanusi crowded with the number of spectators who boomed up to 800 spectators. According to Chief Executive of the 13th Intern Concert, Richard Ismail said that Enchanting Chants means a charming singing. "We want to convey that Unpad Choir has creations that are fascinating and entertaining through its two youngest generations." Said the Tenor.



In the step of one of the largest student activity units, Unpad Choir began to develop new seeds in order to regenerate qualified members of Unpad Choir. One of the activities is the Unpad Choir Intern Concert which is attended by two of Unpad Student Generation Units with members of the new generation as a committee. The concert aims to train members of Unpad Choir in particular the new members to get an experience that will make provision both in terms of technical singing and management activities both within the Unpad Choir and outside environment.


Motivation to Grow Together in Unpad Choir Comparative Studies

Universitas Padjadjaran Choir (Unpad Choir) welcomed guests from several student choirs in Indonesia. On this occasion Unpad Choir was visited by three student choirs from various cities in Indonesia on three different occasions, namely Gadjah Mada University, Swadaya Gunung Jati University Cirebon, and Jenderal Soedirman University. Comparative Study with Gadjah Mada University was held at Bale Santika, Unpad Jatinangor Campus (17/3) and Comparative Study of Swadaya University Gunung Jati Cirebon, and Jenderal Soedirman University in Building B 3rd floor Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Jatinangor Campus (24/3) and (31/3).


Finding the Meaning of Family in Kabinet Apresiatif 2018 Committee Bonding

Aside from running in the choral world, Unpad Choir also developed its organization where this year’s management in the organization is named Kabinet Apresiatif. On Saturday (17/03/18), Kabinet Apresiatif arranged a bonding activity for the members of the committee at PSBJ Building Faculty of Cultural Science, Universitas Padjadjaran which was attended by all elements of the management of Kabinet Apresiatif. The purpose of this bonding is to strengthen the relationships between the new members so that they can recognize each other more to ease their coordination while working.


A Faithful Journey: A Hopeful Start for the Future

Showing their ability in the world of music, Universitas Padjadjaran Choir (Unpad Choir) continues to show its existence. At the age of 40 years, Unpad Choir again proves its quality, not only by singing in groups, but also the expertise of its members in singing solo on "A Faithful Journey" Vocal Recital Concert on Thursday (08/03/2018). This vocal recital is the first recital of two vocal recitals to be held in 2018.


Unpad Choir’s Comparative Studies: A Place to Share Knowledge, Story, and Hope

In the beginning of 2018, Unpad Choir got the chance to have two comparative studies with two competent student choirs in Indonesia, Telkom University Choir (Tel-U Choir) and Brawijaya University Student Choir (BUSC). These comparative studies were a place for both choirs to acquire knowledge from each other. The information that was shared in these comparative studies is not only about concert and program committees but also about the story and struggle behind each choir. Each member of both choirs also has their chance to share their story and experience as a choir member.


Welcoming Party : A Moment to Welcome Unpad Choir Class of 2017

As the closing for the series of RPAB program, Unpad Choir held an event with a title of “Welcoming Party” which lasted for three days (8-10/12/2017), located at Vila Alam Santosa, Cikadut, West Java. This event was not only attended by the new & active students, but also the senior members, the alumni, and Arvin Zeinullah as the main conductor of PSM Unpad, who were present to get to know more about Unpad Choir’s next generation.


The 21st Annual Concert: A New Song of the New Generation

Universitas Padjadjaran Choir (Unpad Choir) has finally completed its 21st Annual Concert, entitled “Canticum Novum”. This concert was held in two big cities of Indonesia; the first one is Jakarta, specifically at Auditorium Graha Swara Universitas Tarumanagara, on Sunday (12/11), and it was then continued with Bandung as the second city, at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Thursday (23/11).


Becoming Stars in Unpad Choir's Way with "As The Blessing Sings"

Universitas Padjajaran Choir (Unpad Choir), once again held another Vocal Recital, which has become one of Unpad Choir’s routine program since 2011. The second Vocal Recital of 2017 was held on Wednesday (11/10) at Ruang Serba Guna (RSG), 4th floor, Unpad, Kampus Iwa Koesoemasoemantri, in Dipati Ukur Street, Bandung. The Vocal Recital, which was entitled “As The Blessing Sings”, will present 12 singers from all voice group, who would be performing solo pieces, and also 8 ensemble, which will be divided into 2 sessions.


The Liveliness of Unpad Choir Class of 2017's Ambitus

Taking place in the B Building’s Hall of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences of Universitas Padjajaran, ambitus or voice grouping, for the new members of Unpad Choir has been held. This event is a part of the Series of Welcoming New Members of Unpad Choir 2017 (RPAB 2017), and it was held on Sunday, (10/09).


Freshmen’s Enthusiasm in Prabu 2017

Each year, Universitas Padjajaran welcomes its new students through a series of welcoming events called Prabu, which was held for three days. As an active Student Activity Unit in the university, Unpad Choir also took part in this series of events. One of Unpad Choir’s contributions is the collaboration performance between Unpad Choir and Abah Iwan, the composer of Hymne Unpad. This collaboration was performed on the first day of Prabu, with Indonesia Kirana 2017 team. For this collaboration, Indonesia Kirana 2017 performed a number of traditional songs which they also brought during their Cultural Concert in Austria; they are Paris Barantai, Cingcangkeling, and Soleram. According to the concept, which is collaboration, the Indonesia Kirana 2017 team was singing with Abah Iwan with 2 songs, Almamater and Mentari, composed by Abah Iwan.


The Echo of Indonesian Song in South Korea by Unpad Choir

After successfully carrying out a cultural mission entitled Indonesia Kirana 2017 in Austria last July, Unpad Choir got the honor of an external party abroad. This time, Unpad Choir was trusted by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for South Korea to perform at The 72nd Independence Day Commemoration of the Republic of Indonesia at Lotte Hotel Seoul, South Korea on Thursday (28/9).


Unpad Choir Commemorating 72 years of Indonesia’s Independence

On every August 17, the people of Indonesia commemorate its independence from colonialism for about more than three centuries. The flaming spirit of Indonesian heroes is still burning until now. Turns out, this spirit has reached its way to Universitas Padjajaran Choir (Unpad Choir), who passes on the spirit of independence to many through their performance in a number of events to commemorate the independence day of Indonesia.


The Majestic Indonesian Folk Songs Performance in Vienna by the Indonesia Kirana 2017 Team

Having successfully gained the champion title from The 54th International Competition of Choral Singing in Austria a while ago, Unpad Choir—by the cultural mission team of Indonesia Kirana 2017—has again, successfully performed the traditional songs from the Indonesia in “Pagelaran Indonesia Kirana” cultural concert, which was held at the University of Bodenkultur, Austria, on Wednesday (12/7).


The Victory of an Indonesian Choir Team in Austria

Padjadjaran University Choir (as known as Unpad Choir/PSM Unpad) has, again, won an international prize in choir competition. This time, Unpad Choir’s cultural team, Indonesia Kirana 2017 has successfully won the First Rank in Folksong category & Runner-Up for the Choral Works category, in “The 54th International Competition of Choral Singing” which was held in Spittal an der Drau, Austria, on 7-9th July 2017.


Pagelaran Indonesia Kirana : The First Step towards Europe

BANDUNG - Just one week away, the cultural mission team of Padjadjaran University Choir, Indonesia Kirana 2017 will fly to Europe to join the 54th International Competition of Choral Singing at Spittal an der Drau, Austria. Austria is a central of European choir music since the last 50 years. A pride for Indonesia, especially in the field of music and choir, given the Unpad Choir managed to be the only representative of Indonesia and Asia in this competition. In addition to compete, Unpad Choir will also hold a cultural concert entitled Pagelaran Indonesia Kirana in Vienna, Austria.


Social Services Unpad Choir: For The Earth And Human

Unpad Choir held a social event on Saturday (6/5) with the theme "From Us To Earth" held at Taman Ilmu, Sukawening Village, Jatinangor. Followed by 40 members of Unpad Choir, this activity is the first social charity performed outside the concert committee and strived by the Division of Project Development Unpad Choir. The activity started with a speech from the Chairman of Unpd Choir Vanda Sekar Yanti and Arnita Mustika as the Chief of this event. Activities continue to the next session, which is coloring contest for children under elementary school and decorate the trash for primary school children.


Unpad Choir Enliven "Sarasa Katha Mahaniya"

After their 12th Internal Concert of Unpad Choir, Bara Renjana, Unpad Choir performed again in an Angklung concert. This time they collaborated with Keluarga Paduan Angklung SHS 3 Bandung (KPA3). Unpad Choir had the opportunity to be a guest star in the Angklung XIV "Sarasakatha Mahaniya" Concert by KPA3. The event, which was held at the Dago Tea House Closed Theater (29/4), managed to amaze more than 500 spectators, including the Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar.


Fundraising Event through Singing for Unpad Choir's Cultural Mission in Austria

Unpad Choir had started a fundraising event to promote their cultural mission Indonesia Kirana 2017 which would be held in Austria, in late June. The event took place at Trans Studio Mall (TSM) Bandung on Saturday (4/4/2017) ago. With the concept of Indonesia Kirana 2017, the fundraising event was enlivened by 43 singers of the team. This activity was also included in the series of our cultural missions. The donation would help to fund this team for their journey to The 55th International Competition of Choral Singing 2015 in Spittal an der Drau, Carinthia, Austria.


Team Bonding through Collaborated Practice in Unpad Choir

An organization will run in harmony if the members in it are unified. To achieve it, there are a lot of ways for the members to do. Starting from simple things such as having meals together and getting together, until having a formal forum discussion. It all comes back to the group itself who chooses which way they’re going to apply.


Maintaining Organization through the Bonding of Unpad Choir's Board

In an organization, cooperation and internal organizational cohesion are the most important points and should be considered, because within an organization every element is required to work together to achieve the ideals of the organization. Those important points are the one that wanted to be achieved by 2017 Unpad Choir's board, Kabinet Beraksi.


Heating Up "Bara Renjana" From Right Now

As the year passed, Unpad Choir keeps their activities and program going. That also applied for the youngest members of Unpad Choir, who were bearing the responsibility of holding the 12th Intern Concert which was to be held on the 27th of April. Ibnu Ashari Fuad, from the Faculty of Communication, was trusted to be the Project Officer of this concert.



BANDUNG - The Great Deliberation is the last agenda of the Management of Organization in Unpad to cover the management period every year. This year, the General Assembly of Management of Unpad Choir for the period of 2016 was held on Friday (30/12) at RSG Unpad Iwa Koesoemasoemantri, Bandung and attended by active members and alumnus from PSM Unpad. This year, the Deliberation of Unpad Choir was opened by the Accountability Report of the 2016 Management Board. All of the participants in the Deliberations could voice their opinions and suggestions in this session.


Exploring the American Culture in @america Holiday Season Choir

Unpad Choir was trusted to perform in @america Holiday Season Choir at @america, Pacific Place, Jakarta on Friday (9/12). Some university choirs also participated in this event, starting from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, and Universitas Trisakti. In this event, Unpad Choir performed Oh Shenandoah, Georgia on My Mind, and some songs composed by American composers, like As Long as I Have Music by Don Besig and You Are the Love of My Life by Michael Masser and Linda Creed. 


Understanding Unpad Choir’s Culture in Welcoming Party

As the final moment as well as the climax of the New Member Enrollment Series, Unpad Choir just held a Welcoming Party in Villa Guruminda, Ciwidey. This event was being participated by Unpad Choir’s entire element, starting from the new members, active members, technical team, alumni, and the Main Conductor of Unpad Choir, Arvin Zeinullah.  This Welcoming Party was being held for 3 days (2-4/12) and from this event, the new members were being introduced to Unpad Choir’s values and cultures.


The 20th Annual Concert : The Bliss of Nostalgia

Unpad Choir had finished the 20th Annual Concert series, titled “The Past, The Love, The Memories”. After the first one that was held in Grha Sanusi Hardjadinta, Dipatiukur, Bandung, on Tuesday (15/11), the second run of the concert was held in Auditorium Graha Swara Universitas Tarumanegara, Jakarta on Sunday (20/11). The first session was opened with Die Warnung by Franz Joseph Haydn, the meaning of the song is to warn us to beware of scorpions’ slyness and tricks. Other than Confitebor, one of Mozart’s masterpieces, Kalinka, a Russian traditional song that was being readapted by Nakajima Ryoushi was being one of the few songs that brought hearty applauses from the spectators.


A Wonderful Beginning: The Starting Point To Become A Star

Unpad Choir successfully held their 2nd Vocal Recital for this year after the last one on May. The concert that was titled “A Wonderful Beginning” was held on Monday (10/10) with a total of 19 singers in RSG, Unpad Iwa Koseomasoemantri. The concert was opened with Feldeinsemkeit by Johannes Brahms that was brought by Fayrouz Zaky. Besides solo performances, there were an ensemble performance and some solo performances from Unpad Choir’s technical team. On this vocal recital there was a special performance from Unpad Choir’s vocal group that will compete as West Java representatives on Peksiminas 2017 in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi with Ulele Sanggule and Menghujam Jantungku.


The Collaboration of 2 Choirs in “Resonanz Music Fest 2016”

Unpad Choir enlivened the "Pesta Paduan Suara" event, which was a part of the series of "Resonanz Music Fest 2016" as the 20th anniversary of the Batavia Madrigal Singers (BMS). Pesta Paduan Suara featured seven choir teams led by the members and alumni of BMS. PSM Unpad along with Arvin Zeinullah as the Main Conductor, had the chance to perform on the second day at the aforementioned event which was held from 23 to 25 ​​September.


Hello Pramuda! Are You Ready To Be A Part Of Unpadchoir 2016?

On this year, Universitas Padjadjaran was chosen as the most favorite University with 58.937 registrars. After accepting around 8000 new students, Unpad made a university introduction event that was titled “PRABU 2016”. Student Day is one of the events in the series. In Student Day, every student activity units have an opportunity to show off, one of them is Unpad Choir. Student Day was held in 23 August 2016, and was divided into 3 series, Parade Show, UKM Show, and Stand Visit


Unpad Choir Enliven ODE BULAN AGUSTUS #2

Continuing the tradition that had begun since 2015, Unpad Choir was invited for the second time by Bentara Budaya Jakarta (BBJ) to perform in a choir parade titled Ode Bulan Agustus #2 located in BBJ Office, Palmerah, Jakarta. Unpad Choir also awarded as the most favorite performer in that event that held in three days (from 8/24 to 8/26). Not much different from the same event that held last year, the concept of Ode Bulan Agustus #2 was still the same, themed 71st Independence Day of Indonesia and also performing a number of participant choirs such as Paragita UI, Agria Swara IPB, Voxcom Femme Choir UPH, Ultima Sonora UMN, Trilogi, Gita Tirtayasa, Vox AngelorumImpromptu Singers, UIN, and Perbanas.


Spirit Of Singing In The Celebration Of 71st Independence Day Of Indonesia

August is really identic with the spirit of patriotism for Indonesia. In this month also, Unpad Choir was being trusted again by West Java Government to perform as the aubade team for the 71st Independence Day Ceremony on Wednesday (17/8). Similar to previous years, the ceremony that was held in Gasibu, Bandung was divided into 2 agenda, the flag-raising and the flag-lowering ceremony. The flag-raising ceremony was held from 10.00 WIB until 11.00 WIB. A total of 50 singers were conducted by the Main Conductor of Unpad Choir, Arvin Zeinullah to perform some national songs such as Hari Merdeka, Syukur, Sorak-Sorak Bergembira, and Maju Tak Gentar.


Graduation Escort Songs in Graduation Ceremony 2016

Graduation is one of the most awaited moments for students, all of their hard work for the past few years finally paid off after they got their degree. On 2nd-4th August 2016, Universitas Padjadjaran held the 4th Wave of Graduation Ceremony Academic Year 2015/2016. This wave was divided into 6 sessions and was attended by the students from Doctor, Magister, and Bachelor program from the 16 faculties in Universitas Padjadjaran. The graduation ceremony that was held in Graha Sanusi Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung was attended by 2501 students.


The Spirit of the 20th Annual Concert from CFD Dago

Annual concert is one of Unpad Choir’s annual programs, and this year they will hold their 20th Annual Concert. This 20th Annual Concert’s theme is nostalgia. The theme was chosen to commemorate the journey from the 1st until the 20th annual concert. Annual Concert can only be held with a proper preparation. Aside from singing, the event and organization preparation is also important. To support this concert Unpad Choir held some fundraising event, one of them is busking in CFD (Car Free Day) on last Sunday


Coordination and Organization Development in the Mid-Year Meeting

Not only developing skills in singing technique, Unpad Choir as an organization also developed its member’s organization soft skill through the board and organization. Mid-Year Meeting is an annual agenda from the board. This meeting was a media to evaluate and develop the organization. In this period, the Mid-Year Meeting was being held in Building 1, 4th floor, Unpad Iwa Koesoemasoemantri, Bandung on Sunday (11/06) morning. The event was being attended by the manager and the staff of the board.


Unpad Choir Enliven a Tari Legong – Bharatanatyam Charity Recital “Arjuna Dibiasakti”

Unpad Choir just performed in a Tari Legong recital titled Arjuna Dibiasakti on Saturday (28/5) in Auditorium RRI, Bandung. In this recital, Unpad Choir performed Percoma, Lisoi, Bungong Jeumpa, and Yamko Rambe Yamko. The spectators were also brought to the 70s era through Pemuda and Kebyar Kebyar by Chaseiro and Gombloh. The festivity were seen when Unpad Choir performed the songs mentioned before. Laughter was also heard in Auditorium RRI Bandung when they performed Percoma.


The Warmness of Unpad Choir’s 38th Anniversary, Viva 70s

Unpad Choir just held their 38th Anniversary in Villa Istana Bunga, Lembang, Bandung on Saturday (21/5). With “Viva 70s” as its theme this year, this two-day event was being attended by the member and alumni of Unpad Choir. The activities included in this event were alumni sharing, bonfire, and concert videos watching. There were also some competitions, which were video clip parody, talent show, wannabe, and games of the year.


The Burning Spirit in Kompor 2016

That morning, some students were seen busily preparing an event in West UKM Area of Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor. A decoration with the writing of “Kompor” indicates the title of the event. Kompor (Kompetisi Olahraga) or Sport Competition is an annual event that was organized by the Project Development division of Unpad Choir. The members of Unpad Choir always anticipate this event every year.


Unpad Choir Amazed Spectators in A Night of Nightingales

Unpad Choir just held their 11th Intern Concert titled “A Night of Nightingales” in Graha Sanusi Hardjadinata on Wednesday (4/5)
116 singers from the 2 youngest class participated in this concert. This concert was divided into 4 sessions and each session was led by a conductor who already has a lot of experience in choir world. The open gate was started in 18.30 WIB. The spectators already showed their excitement while waiting in front of the venue since evening. The concert was started in 19.15 WIB and was opened with a greeting and rules while the concert going by the hosts.


Musical Documentary Movie about Choir, Indonesia Kirana to visit Jakarta’s Silver Screen

Unpad Choir just made a history as the first choir in Indonesia, partnered with a well-known Film Maker, Embara Films and Pont. Pic to tell a story about a choir group’s journey to win international trophies in a documenter movie, Indonesia Kirana that were showcased for the first time on Thursday (26/4) in XXI Cihampelas Walk, Bandung. The movie is about the preparation and the journey of Unpad Choir when they visited Europe to compete in the 13th International Choral Competition Gallys-Maribor 2015 in Maribor, Slovenia and Konser Kebudayaan in Hungaria. Unpad Choir is the only team from Asia who compete in this competition.


Offers de Moi, a Reflection of Unpad Choir Members’ Dedication

Unpad Choir has successfully held a vocal recital on Tuesday (22/3) night. The vocal recital that was titled Offres de Moi was held in Bale Rumawat Padjadjaran University, Iwa Koesoemasoemantri. 26 solo singers participated this year, which consists of Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass, the vocal recital was divided into two sessions.


Open Recruitment: Unpad Choir’s Board Kabinet Berani 2016!

Regeneration is one of the most important things in organization. Regeneration determines the continuity of an organization in the future. Unpad Choir are regenerating itself again by holding an open recruitment this year. The event started with an introduction of the board of Kabinet Berani to the new choir members (7/02). Besides the goal to achieve the right formation of the board, this activity was being held to know and fulfill the future staff board’s ability, interest, and talent.


Expressing Sense of Gratitude and Sharing Happiness through Social Service

Unpad Choir just held a social service event in Bhakti Luhur Orphanage, Bandung on Friday (12/2).  Aside from being the agenda of their Annual Concert, Melodijo Veselja, this event was also a way to express their gratitude towards others. This social service event is a real form of last year concert’s theme which are sharing happiness and instilling sense of love towards others. The singers that were participated in the annual concert also involved in this event. They interacted with the orphanage’s residents and performed some songs which are Chrisye Medley, He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother, and Manuk Dadali.


Increase Competition and Relationship Through Choir

After having hosted the comparative study that was done by ITS Choir last January, Unpad Choir was being honored again. This time, Muhammadiyah  Dr. Hamka University Choir (Uhamka Choir) held a comparative study to Unpad Choir. This event was held in Bale Rumawat and Fourth Floor Multipurpose room, Padjadjaran University on Saturday afternoon (13/02).


Unpad Choir in LCLR Plus Concert with Yockie Suryo Prayogo

Last January 2016, Unpad Choir was back to showcased their existence on a big show in Bandung. After successfully organized the 19th Annual Concert titled “Melodijo Veselja” on last November, this time, Unpad Choir has been trusted to become one of the performers in LCLR Plus Concert with Yockie Suryo Prayogo. This concert was held in Sasana Budaya Ganesha (SABUGA) on Saturday night (23/01). 


Opening the Year with Unpad Choir’s Intern Concert Preparation

The new member of Unpad Choir was preparing their 11th Intern Concert in the beginning of 2016. Ahmad Aldi Purnama, a student of Faculty of Geological Engineering, Padjadjaran University was trusted to be the Project Officer. The year-end holidays through January until mid-February were used fot concert’s preparation. Since three weeks ago, the two youngest class of Unpad Choir’s vocal technique were trained from vocal practice every week. The new class was also started to plan concert’s stuff, such as open recruitment for committee, theme choosing, fund raising, and concert publication.


Thank You SEMANGAT Cabinet and Enjoy Your Duty BERANI Cabinet

The Great Deliberation is one of the events that were held by Unpad Choir by the end of management period. In this period, the great deliberation was held in Building 1, 3rd floor, Unpad Iwa Koeseomasoemantri, Bandung on Sunday (03/01) morning. The event was being held until 23.00 WIB. This event was being attended by both active or passive member and the alumni of Unpad Choir.


Unpad Choir Mesmerized Surabaya in Melodijo Veselja

After successfully holding their 19th annual concert “Melodijo Veselja” in Jakarta two weeks ago, Unpad Choir successfully amazed over 300 spectators in Suara Surabaya Center last Saturday for their second show of the concert. There are 72 singers who participated in the concert that was led by Arvin Zeinullah, the Main Conductor of Unpad Choir. The duration of the concert was 2 hours, and showcased 19 songs that were divided into 2 sessions. Unpad Choir also collaborated with PSUA (Airlangga University Choir) for the concert’s execution.


The Successful Collaboration Concert of Unpad Choir and Rundfunkchor

Unpad Choir successfully held a collaboration concert with Rundfunkchor, the oldest choir from Berlin, Germany titled “Dalam Dekapan Damai” in Aula Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Unpad Dipati Ukur on Tuesday (27/10) night. In the last few months, Unpad Choir has been preparing themselves by practicing with Nicolas Fink, one of Rundfunkchor’s conductors. The preparation was already done before the arrival of Runfunkchor’s singers and main conductor, Simon Halsey. 


Pre-Collaboration Concert, Goethe Institut held a Press Conference

The German Government through Goethe Institut held a press conference in Goethe Institut Building, R.E. Martadinata Street No 48, Bandung on Friday (23/10). The press conference was related to the collaboration concert of Unpad Choir with Rundfunkchor (a choir from Berlin, Germany). As as speaker, the Director of Goethe Institut Indonesia, Dr. Heinrich Blomeke, and the Rector of Padjadjaran University, Prof. Dr. Med. Tri Hanggono Achmad were present in the conference.


New Members’ Enthusiasm in Joining Regular Practice

At that moment, a hallway looked crowded with groups of students, some were seen sitting down while chatting to each other. Once or twice laughter can be heard and gave chill vibe to the evening. Yes, they were the Unpad Choir class of 2015 who were preparing themselves to join vocal practice at the ground floor of the Faculty of Law’s Building 4 in Unpad Dipati Ukur, Bandung on Tuesday (29/9). This practice was often called as Regular Practice and was held every Tuesday and Thursday. Besides being the routine agenda of Unpad Choir, Regular Practice is also part of The New Member Recruitment Ceremonial. This event aims to enable the new members to improve themselves in choir and to introduce Unpad Choir to them.


Unpad Choir Held A Workshop for New Members Again

Every year, Unpad Choir always held their routine events. One of the events is a workshop for newly recruited members. A while ago, this choir group held the mentioned training at Campus D3 in Faculty of Social and Politic Sciences Unpad Dago, Bandung on Saturday morning (3/10). The event was held until 16.00 WIB and was being attended by 60 new members of class 2015. In this workshop, the 60 participants were divided into several groups so the training will be more effective. Each group that was accompanied by Liaison Officer (LO) will enter a room to learn vocal techniques by practicing a song. Not only knowledge about vocal techniques, but the participants also learned about Unpad Choir’s history, basic music theory, attitude, and sharing session with their LO.  


“Untuk Bumi Kita”, a Song Tribute to our 6th President of The Republic of Indonesia

Friday (11/09) was a definitely special moment for Unpad Choir. Yes, the top event on the series of Dies Natalis commemoration for UNPAD’s 58th anniversary was held. In this moment, Unpad Choir has given more reliance on performing at that historical day. In fact, there was one more special thing in this moment; that was the honorable opportunity had been given by the university to Unpad choir as the performer in the oration of Prof. Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (Pak SBY).


Unpad Choir Mesmerized the Audience of Ode Bulan Agustus

Unpad Choir was invited by Bentara Budaya Jakarta (BBJ) to perform at the event of Ode Bulan Agustus. Bentara Budaya Jakarta itself is a cultural institution of Kompas Gramedia established as a media to distribute the expressions of artists and many other fields.


Pondering the Meaning of Struggle through Singing in Choir

It has been the 70th year of Indonesian independence. This occasion, which fell on August 17th 1945 is affected by several occurrences that happened the days before, started from the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9 until di abduction of Ahmad Soebardjo and our founding fathers, Ir. Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta by a group of youngsters in Rengasdengklok, August 16th, 1945.


While It Comes to Ramadhan, the Rehearsal Remains Continuing

Ngabuburit is what we know as the term in Sundanese, which means waiting for maghrib to come. Ngabuburit activity itself is varied. It could be done by working, hanging out, and such religious activities like reading Al-qur’an. However, how if having ngabuburit in a way that is unique, like singing?
There is a unique thing that Unpad Choir members do when spending their evening time. Right at 16.00 o’clock, usually the team gathered in campus to rehearse together. This rehearsal is our routine agenda and held as the preparation for the next annual concert that will be held in the upcoming November.


Public Lecture with General Moeldoko, to Prepare The Future of Indonesia

There were 20 singers credible for this event, which was attended by a well-known figure. Unpad Choir presented numerous patriotic songs, i.e.: Maju Tak Gentar, Pada Pahlawan, Bandung Selatan di Waktu Malam, and Halo-Halo Bandung.


Having Performed with Three World-Class Musicians, Unpad Choir Amazed The Audience

Music can be enjoyed every time, by everyone, and in everywhere. When music is presented in an open air stage, the audience can obtain double satisfaction. One of events that satisfied music lovers for enjoying the melodies and the tunes in an open air stage is Parahyangan Classical Music Festival (PCMF) 2015 held in Bale Pare, Kota Baru Parahyangan, Padalarang, West Java on June 6th-7th 2015.


Unpad Choir Celebrated Their 37th Anniversary

Unpad Choir celebrated their 37th anniversary on Saturday (30/5). The celebration party was held in Villa Istana Bunga, Lembang, Bandung.
With the theme of childhood, this event, which was held for two days, was attended by active members and alumni of Unpad Choir. The agenda of this event included alumni sharing, camp fire, games, flying lanterns, and watching the concert videos together. There were several categories for inter-voice competition, including talent show, video clip parody, wanna be, and games of the year. The voice group which attained the highest score from these four categories will get the title of Voice of The Year. In this year’s celebration party, the Voice of The Year belongs to Bass.


Management Team of Unpad Choir Enhances Their Writing & Graphic Design Capability

Writing skills and management of media are advancing more rapidly along with the development of science and technology. Truthfully, everybody is required to master and apply both of them as it should be, since it plays an important role in the society.
In the context of training and teaching those things, Division of Organization Development (OD) of Padjadjaran University Choir held a media-training that took place in B201, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Universitas Padjadjaran on Sunday morning (24/5).


Unpad Choir is Selected to Take Part in A Collaboration Concert with Germany-Based Choir

BANDUNG – After participating in a prestigious competition (the 13th International Choral Competition Gallus-Maribor 2015 in Slovenia) and holding some cultural concerts in Slovenia and Hungary last April, Padjadjaran University Choir (Unpad Choir) is trusted to participate in a collaboration concert with Rundfunkchor, a professional choir from Berlin, Germany. This concert is a part of German Season projects from Goethe Institut that will be held on October 27th, 2015.


Unpad Choir Captivated The Delegations of Asian-African Conference Commemoration 2015

In the context of commemorating 60 years since the historical conference, Unpad Choir was trusted by the provincial government of West Java to perform at the main procession of the 60th Asian African Conference Commemoration 2015 on Friday (24/4) taking place on Gedung Merdeka Street, Bandung, the first meeting point of the conference’s delegates in 60 years ago.
The performance of Unpad Choir was the second participation, after having participated in the 50th Asian-African Conference Commemoration in 2005--they also performed at that international event. This undoubtedly made every elements of Unpad Choir proud, as well as Universitas Padjadjaran and the society of West Java in general. This credibility is a respected appreciation towards the presence of Unpad Choir who became an outstanding choir who has played on both national and international stages.


The Echo of Angklung & Vocal in Simfonia Hall

Recently, it is not easy for the youth to more recognize and additionally conserve several types of traditional musical instruments, one of which is Angklung. As one of the traditional musical instruments from West Java which now is almost rarely played by the society, slowly but surely, Angklung is back again to manifest its existence, for instance by an orchestra namely “Tabula Rasa Angklung XII – Indulge Your Senses” held by Keluarga Paduan Angklung SMA Negeri 3 (KPA 3) Bandung in Simfonia Hall, Jakarta on the evening of Saturday (28/3).


Indonesian Kirana: One Step Before Towards to Europe

BANDUNG - Shortly again in April, Padjadjaran University Student Choir (Unpad Choir) will follow the choir competition and culture concert of the 13th International Choral Competition Maribor Gallus-2015 in Slovenia and Hungary.  It becomes a pride for Indonesia, because Unpad Choir has managed to become the sole representative of Asia in this prestigious competition.

Before heading to Europe, Unpad Choir will hold a pre-competition concert performances titled Indonesia Kirana advance in Graha Sanusi Hardjadinata, street Dipatiukur No. 3, Bandung (27/3), as well as at Goethe Haus Jalan Sam Ratulangi No. 9-15 Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia(29/3). Selection of this name in accordance with the designation for the entire overseas festival of Unpad Choir in 2015, namely is Indonesia Kirana.


"It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!" Christmas Carol 2014

In the spirit of Christmas, Unpad Choir held a big event i.e. Christmas Carol on December 22nd- 26th in Bandung and Jakarta. Christmas Carol is an annual event held by Unpad Choir to captivate the guests by singing Christmas Songs. This year’s Christmas Carol was held in several venues such as Trans Studio Bandung, Trans Studio Mall, Trans Luxury Hotel, and Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta.


Die Wanderlust : Tentang Harmoni Alam, Cinta dan Kehidupan

Bandung, Jumat (3/10) Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Universitas Padjadjaran  kembali menghelat kegiatan rutin tahunan yaitu konser tahunan yang ke-18. Konser yang berjudul“Die Wanderlust : The Journey of Love, Life, and Nature” tersebut diselenggarakan pada hari jumat Tanggal 3 Okober 2014 di Graha Sanusi Hardjadinata Kampus Unpad Dipatiukur. Konser DIE WANDERLUST tersebut melibatkan sekitar 90 orang penyanyi dari PSM Unpad. Acaranya berdurasi sekitar 2,5 jam yang dimulai mulai pukul 19.00 hingga pukul 21.30 malam. Selain penampilan para penyanyi yang terdiri dari anggota aktif PSM Unpad, ada juga penmapilan khusus dari para Alumni PSM Unpad yang turut menghibur para penonton. Mereka membawa empat lagu, salah satu lagu yang mereka bawakan adalah lagu berbahasa Sunda yaitu “Badminton”.


Konser "Die Wanderlust: The Journey of Love, Life, and Nature" (via VIVANEWS)

Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Universitas Padjadjaran (PSM Unpad) Selasa malam ini menggelar konser tahunannya di Usmar Ismail, Jakarta. Konser bertajuk “Die Wanderlust: The Journey of Love, Life, and Nature” ini dipersembahkan oleh 92 anggota PSM Unpad yang menyanyikan 16 buah lagu.

Arvin Zaenullah yang menjadi dirigen pada konser tahunan yang ke-18 ini mengungkapkan perhatian PSM Unpad terhadap pemanasan global yang menjadi salah satu isu paling krusial dunia. “Semua orang berjuang dengan caranya masing-masing. Kami berjuang dengan kata dan nada,” ungkapnya.


PSM Unpad Mendapatkan Anugerah Budaya Kota Bandung

Warga bandung patut berbangga diri atas berbagai dukungan yang diberikan pemerintah daerah setempat terhadap pengembangan seni dan budaya terutama dalam hal apresiasi dan juga penghargaan. Dalam acara Anugerah Budaya Kota Bandung, Walikota Bandung memberikan penghargaan kepada dua belas seniman yang konsisten menekuni  bidangnya.  Paduan suara Mahasiswa Universitas Padjadjaran menjadi salah satu organisasi yang menerima penghargaan tersebut. Bertempat di Gedung Kesenian Simam AMBU STSI, Bandung (14/9/2014), Bapak Ridwan Kamil menyerahkan secara langsung penghargaan tersebut.


Karya Persembahan Indonesia Kirana untuk Kota Bandung

Merupakan salah satu bentuk dari rangkaian Pergerakan Indonesia Kirana dengan menampilkan video pada hari peringatan tertentu agar kita semua selalu sadar dan peduli.
Tema video kali ini adalah memperingati Ulang Tahun Bandung ke-204.
Video ini menampilkan mojang-mojang yang menyanyikan lagu pantun Ole-ole Bandung di tempat pariwisata Kota Bandung


PSM Unpad Dipercaya sebagai Tim Aubade Upacara HUT RI ke-69 bersama Bapak Gubernur Jawa Barat

Indonesia, PSM Unpad dipercaya untuk tampil sebagai tim aubade dalam upacara Hari Kemerdekaan 17 Agustus yang ke-69 di Lapangan Gasibu, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Minggu (17/8) siang. Lagu-lagu yang ditampilkan antara lain, Berkibarlah Benderaku, Maju Tak Gentar, Syukur, dan diakhir dengan lagu Hari Merdeka. Dengan total penyanyi yang berjumlah 60 orang dan Arvin Zeinullah selaku konduktor, PSM Unpad tampil dengan semangat patriotisme yang tinggi.

Penampilan ini tentunya sangat berarti bagi mereka, karena hadir beberapa orang penting dalam upacara tersebut. Orang-orang tersebut antara lain, Gubernur Jawa Barat Ahmad Heryawan, Wali Kota Bandung Ridwan Kamil, dan Wakil Wali Kota Bandung Oded M Danial. Terlebih lagi Ahmad Heryawan bertugas sebagai inspektur upacara pada siang yang hikmat itu.


Undangan Bapak Bupati kepada PSM Unpad untuk bernyanyi di Kabupaten Purawakarta

Pada tanggal 15 Agustus 2014 PSM Unpad kembali diundang oleh salah satu orang terpenting di Kabupaten Purwakarta. Dalam kesempatan kali ini PSM UNPAD diminta menyanyikan beberapa buah lagu dalam acara “Riung Mungpulung Dengan Perintis Kemerdekaan RI” adapun lagu yang dinyanyikan adalah Indonesia Raya, Ibu Pertiwi yang berkolaborasi dengan arumba, medley Nusantara, Pada Pahlawan, dan satu buah lagu hiburan Terimakasih Cinta


Ekspedisi Indonesia Kirana di Gunung Papandayan

17 Anggota Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Unpad melakukan pendakian di Gunung Papandayan Garut.Pernahkah anda membayangkan berada di puncak sebuah pergunungan dan menyanyikan lagu-lagu perjuangan Indonesia secara paduan suara? Inilah yang dilakukan oleh tujuh belas anggota Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Universitas Padjadjaran. Sebanyak lima Soprano, lima Alto, empat Tenor, serta tiga orang Bass dari berbagai angkatan dan berbagai Fakultas yang ada di Universitas Padjadjaran ikut berpartisipasi dalam kegiatan Ekspedisi pendakian Gunung  Papandayan Garut yang dilaksanakan pada Jumat (8/8) hingga Kamis (10/8).


Panas! Kompor 2014 PSM Unpad

Berada dalam organisasi yang cukup besar dengan aktivitas yang padat tidaklah menjemukan. Hal ini dibuktikan oleh PSM Unpad yang berhasil menumbuhkan loyalitas pada anggotanya. Tentunya selalu ada usaha yang dilakukan untuk menumbuhkan rasa kekeluargaan dan sebagai ajang refreshing bagi anggota PSM.

4. News HUT PSM

36th Anniversary Unpad Choir

Padjadjaran University Choir just celebrated the 36th  anniversary. Located in Villa Istana Bunga (Lembang, West Java, May 24 & 25, 2014), Unpad Choir’s big family were present to enliven the event arranged by the committee. This was a merry super-hero-themed birthday party with various competitions and a little thanks-giving which aimed to strengthen the feeling of belonging to this organization.




Rezlan Ishar Jenie

Duta Besar RI untuk Perancis - "Kegiatan pagelaran seni dan budaya semacam ini (Konser Kebudayaan PSM Unpad di Perancis) merupakan upaya untuk semakin mempererathubungan dan meningkatkan rasa saling pengertian antara Indonesia dengan perancis"

Nicholas Aubert

Founder of Recontre Culturelles de Valle de Joux (RCVJ) - "Your Variety program was awesome. Great Performance!"

Arifi Saiman

Pensosbud KBRI Paris - "Para tamu undangan tidak bergeming dan tidak beranjak dari tempat duduk meskipun MC telah memberitahu bahwa acara sudah selesai."

Jean Claude Wilkens

Judge of 48th Montreux Choral Festival - "I am very happy that your choir(Padjadjaran University Choir) is developing so welll."



Jalan Dipati Ukur No 35 Bandung, 40132
Phone: +6285324005478 | E-mail: unpadchoir@yahoo.com