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Padjadjaran University Choir • Euphonious Chorale: Our Spirit, Young Passion! | Blog

Euphonious Chorale: Our Spirit, Young Passion!

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[unpadchoir.com/30/4/2019]. The Student Choir of Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad Choir) held the 14th Internal Concert titled "Euphonious Chorale" on April 27, 2019 which was held at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Unpad Dipatiukur campus.

There were several sessions that were displayed, which are Classic, International Song, Popular Song, and Indonesian Folk Song.  The first session was opened with the song Il Est Bel et Bon by Pierre Passereau with the Chamber singers. This concert successfully featured a variety of entertaining attractions, ranging from singing, dancing, and drama played on the songs of the Indonesian Folk Song Session, Nyai Undang and Sétra Galih.

"I feel very grateful because the concert went smoothly without any major obstacles. When I heard the audiences’ applause and saw the crowded audience seats, I was very satisfied with this concert", said Labib, Chief Executive Euphonious Chorale.

The Popular Song session always made the audience sing.  Closed with Queen's Don't Stop Me Now, thunderous applause was heard in the audience seats, because in this song, the enthusiasm in the choreography performed was quite entertaining and made the audience move their bodies.

 "Alhamdulillah, I was quite happy and relieved because all the long process during the preparation had been passed. The 14th Internal Concert gave me a unique impression. Because this was the first time I led a large team containing the two youngest generation who actually still needed guidance in technical manner, song interpretation, etc,” conductor of Popular Song session, Nauval Revy Faradis, said.

 Labib added, "Thank you once again for Unpad Choir Management for trusting me as the Chief Executive and also for the guidance in running this committee. For 2018 members, there are lots of lessons in Unpad Choir that will help you improve yourself, keep the passion to continue learning together!"

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