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Padjadjaran University Choir • The Enthusiasm to Develop in Comparative Study with PSM STKS Bandung | Blog

The Enthusiasm to Develop in Comparative Study with PSM STKS Bandung

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Every year, Unpad Choir always strives to develop and be better. One of the efforts made by Unpad Choir was to conduct comparative studies program with other choirs. On Saturday (6/4), Unpad Choir had the opportunity to receive a visit from PSM STKS (Sekolah Tinggi Kesejahteraan Sosial) Bandung in Unpad Jatinangor.
Like the previous comparative studies program, both choirs shared stories and experiences, as well as information and knowledge about organization. Although this time, there was no Focus Group Discussion, the members of both choirs can still receive useful benefits.
One of the members of PSM STKS Bandung, Panji, who is also the Coordinator of Eksistensi Division of STKS Choir, stated that he and the members of STKS Choir felt very grateful for being able to do the comparative study with Unpad Choir. Because, during the previous year, STKS Choir have not had the opportunity to conduct a comparative study because the quota has been filled.

"Alhamdulillah the response from akang and teteh of Unpad Choir is always very welcoming friendly. Initially, when we arrived, we felt nervous, because we only came in such a small number, but when we got into the room, we were immediately welcomed by the MC in such a warm way,  we were very happy," said Panji.
"Maybe, one of the memorable things for us was when we were told to sit and mingle with Akang, Teteh of Unpad Choir; it was a really cool thing for us. In addition, it turns out that the Akang, Teteh of Unpad Choir are very humble," Panji added.
In addition, the student who currently majors in Social Work, also stated that there was one drawback in this activity, namely the limited number of people who are able to raise questions after the presentation from Unpad Choir. He regretted this because he thought that the STKS choir members still wanted to ask questions about many things, but apparently, the allocated time wasn’t enough.

Like the previous Comparative Study activities, Unpad Choir and PSM STKS Bandung each gave a performance at the end of the event. One thing that was unique and different from the previous comparative studies was PSM STKS Bandung’s performance that was accompanied by a pianist. For their performance, PSM STKS Bandung brought the song "When You Believe", which was certainly greeted with lively applause.
"This song is very meaningful for us because it is a song that we sang during our first concert, ’The First Revival’. For us, to start something as big as a concert, we can only believe and try our best. Thank God, the ticket for our first concert was sold out, and it was watched by approximately 500 people, "said Vista.
After the event has ended, Vista, Head of PSM STKS Bandung, said that this was the first comparative study activity for PSM STKS Bandung. She stated that this event was very useful as an encouragement for STKS Choir to continue developing for the better. One of the most memorable things for Vista was the statement of one of the Unpad Choir members about the importance of practice. For her, this was very true and it has also made her even more enthusiastic and determined to continue developing PSM STKS Bandung.

"The performance from Unpad Choir was very memorable for me. It's just mesmerizing to see and hear Unpad Choir directly at such a short distance; it feels like watching a concert,” said Vista.
Apart from the members of the PSM STKS Bandung, Clara Vennia, one of the Unpad Choir members also stated that she had different impressions and memories from this comparative study, namely the high enthusiasm of the members of PSM STKS Bandung, as well as the great passion to learn and establish good relations that can be felt from all of its members. This can be seen from the friendly activities that take place, even after the event has been closed by the MC.

(Marselina Viase)
Translator: Syifa Ramadhani




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