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Padjadjaran University Choir • Welcoming the New Year with a New Chorus | Blog

Welcoming the New Year with a New Chorus

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As we celebrate the beginning of a new year, Unpad Choir is back again with one of its annual concert, the Intern Concert. As the name suggests, the Intern Concert is a concert held by two of the youngest generations of Unpad Choir. For this year’s Intern Concert, batch 2017 and 2018 will collaborate together for the upcoming event.
It is such an exciting experience and process for the youngest generation of Unpad Choir to become acquainted with the principals, values, and activities of the choir itself. This concert is a perfect platform for them to start learning about the choir works in university level; starting from the high-frequency practices, up to the wide diversity of songs to learn and perform.

The first practice for the concert was held on January 14, 2019 and it has been roughly about five weeks since the team has been formed. Unlike other university students, the holiday season is not a reason for the young choristers to go back to Jatinangor in order to continue their choir routine which was held regularly from Monday – Thursday, as well as other committee related routines.

The 14th Intern Concert of Unpad Choir has picked “Euphonious Chorale” as the name of the concert, along with its wonderful tagline, "Let The Chorus Brings You to Joy." The title itself was chosen with the team’s hope to deliver their emotion and harmonious singing to the audience.

Creating a Melodious Choir

There is something quite unique in this year’s Intern Concert, and it is the conductors. For the 14th Intern Concert, all the conductors are from batch 2015, and there was only one of the four who has ever conducted in an Intern Concert before. This means that three out of four conductors are still very new to the experience of conducting a concert.

One of the conductors, Nauval (2015), conductor of Popular Song session, said that the challenge of conducting an Intern Concert comes from the difficulty level of the songs and the number of the singers, “The difficulty level of the songs is different compared to our regular jobs as well as other choir activities. Moreover, we can see that there are a lot of singers participating in this concert; approximately more than a hundred choristers are singing in this team. So, it is quite a huge challenge for me and the other conductors to teach and conduct these young choristers in order to present a satisfying performance,” Nauval stated.

The conductor of Indonesian Folksong session, Bilqist (2015), hopes that her session will give an exceptional and lasting impression to the audience. Moreover, she also hopes that during the process towards the concert, all aspects that support the concert, be it the committee, etc., may go well as well as every responsibility that has to be completed.
Despite the challenges, these young conductors will give out their best in completing the mandate given to them by trying their best to teach the young choristers, and to make sure that the team are be able to give its best performance in upcoming month of April. (CM & RW)

Translator: Connie Marcella




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