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Padjadjaran University Choir • Discovering Soul Friends in Kabinet Anam Cara 2019 Committee Bonding | Blog

Discovering Soul Friends in Kabinet Anam Cara 2019 Committee Bonding

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Being part of Unpad Choir not only acts as a singer but also acts as an agent for the organization. This year, the management of Unpad Choir was named 
Kabinet Anam Cara. On Saturday (02/03/19) Kabinet Anam Cara held a management bonding at the West UKM Field of Padjadjaran University which was attended by all parts of the Anam Cara Cabinet management.

This management bonding aims to bring one another closer, strengthen relations between members to understand each other better so that future coordination between divisions or members will go well. This bonding activity is routinely carried out at the beginning of each management year.

Dani Ramadhan as the person in charge of this activity also told of his experience when he was given the responsibility of managing the Bonding activity. “Coincidentally, in this year's management I moved to a different management division from last year, I myself felt able to become the person in charge of the bonding, and after I observed last week’s bonding, Alhamdulillah, the management members looked so enthusiastic about this activity."
The many variations of games that were held when the bonding took place made the organizers excited in Bonding this time. The games that were held are also useful to get to know and get closer to other members of the management and make 
Kabinet Anam Cara be a better organization.

Galuh Valencia as Head of the 2019 Unpad Choir stated, "We in this management run professionally. But in this bonding, I expect the members to be more comfortable with their seniors, so not only do they work together as working partners, but also as partners to tell stories to and having fun. Bonding is also more to eliminate the awkwardness between management members because it will affect the course of all activities held by
Unpad Choir."

Rahayu Indah also revealed her experience in Bonding, "Pretty wild, a lot of the activities made us familiar with other divisions as well, although some games are only done per division but we also mingle and joke with other divisions, also right at the end of the event when we all exchange lunches, for me it was also a lesson for all of us to appreciate what we get."

Before the end of the event, there were messages conveyed by the SC (steering committee) of Unpad Choir, Arni Praditasari (2013) and Mario Johan Hartono (2013). Reminding us of the Anam Cara Cabinet's vision and mission, they also reminded the management that members of Unpad Choir are not only active students, but the alumni are also members of the Unpad Choir.

(Syifa Ramadhani)
Translator: Syifa Ramadhani





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