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Padjadjaran University Choir • Welcoming Party 2018: A Step Closer to Unpad Choir | Blog

Welcoming Party 2018: A Step Closer to Unpad Choir

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As the closing of the New Membership Acceptance Series (RPAB), the Unpad Choir held a Welcoming Party event at Rumah Kayu Organik Villa, Lembang, Bandung Regency. Not only new members and active students participated in this activity, but also the technical teams, alumni, and also the main coach of Unpad Choir, Arvin Zeinullah. This activity lasted for three days (6-8 / 12), and through this activity, new members were required to get to know organizational culture through Unpad Choir's values.
The first day, the prospective new members played several games with the LO to strengthen the tightness of each group's rope. Then the new members are invited to take the meaning of the screening of the Indonesia Kirana, which tells the story of the ongoing struggle towards competition in Europe in 2015. The new members can draw conclusions from the screening of the film that in competition in Europe it is not as easy as imagined, not only on how to sing well on stage, but there is a process that is a factor supporting this success.

Then on the second day, the prospective new members were faced with one of the mandatory programs from Unpad Choir, the Intern Concert in the School of Concert Management (SOCM). There, the new prospective members acted as the committee that designs everything about how to realize a concert. The essence of this activity is that prospective new members get an idea of the obstacles faced in the committee and how to solve them. Starting from the singing techniques, communication, lobbying and negotiation with both internal and external parties to Unpad Choir.

On the last day, it was time for the prospective new members to show their competence in the 2018 "Choir Festival of Welcoming Party 2018". There are two songs sung by each group, namely the mandatory song Edelweiss by Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II, and one chosen song. As a closing for the Welcoming Party activities, the prospective new members were presented with senior performances and video presentations that summarized the experience from the initial registration to the Welcoming Party.
"After participating in the three days of the Welcoming Party, we became closer to fellow class 2018. Starting from getting to know each other and helping each other. This is what a group needs to create a comfortable atmosphere. "Said Jasmine, one of the Classic-Pop group (KLOP) Welcoming Party participants.

Vinda Febrianti, chief executive of the Unpad Choir RPAB, stated that the concept designed this year was very different from previous years. This time we emphasis more on the introduction of Unpad Choir as a whole, one of which is the value and organizational culture which is the foundation of an organization. "Alhamdulillah, after the series of Welcoming Party ended, it was seen that friends of the 2018 class had begun to adapt and I hope that in the future they will continue to develop in everything at Unpad Choir," he said.

Then the Deputy Chairperson of the Unpad Choir, Rifky Kurnia advised, "for my 2018 friends, we hope that all of you will always be enthusiastic in Unpad Choir, what has been obtained must be carried out well, so that in the future it can be passed back to the younger siblings. As the saying goes, new members are empty glasses and seniors are glasses filled with full water. So, if the water is not filled into an empty glass, then it is the same as wasting the knowledge obtained and becoming wasted if it is not transmitted to new members ".
(Fahril Aprilyandiki)
Translator: Syifa Ramadhani




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