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Padjadjaran University Choir • Choralescence: The Unity of Two Souls into One | Blog

Choralescence: The Unity of Two Souls into One

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There is something different in the Annual Concert of Universitas Padjadjaran Choir (Unpad Choir) this year. The stage was filled with more than 150 singers with different costumes from two choir teams, namely Unpad Choir and IPB Agria Swara Choir. The 22nd Annual Concert this time was held in two places namely Tan Siong Kie Hall, Jakarta (25/11) and Grha Sanusi, Bandung (29/11).

This collaboration concert was titled Choralescence, taken from two English terms. The term Chorale means singing in a choir, while the second term is Coalescence which means melting. These two terms are united and form a new meaning, namely the fusion of two different choirs,

Various challenging songs were sung by the two choirs. The concert was opened with Laudate Dominum by Jakob Händl, where the singer was divided into 24 voices in four groups. The singers spread around the hall so that the audience could have a new experience watching a choir concert.

Some songs in the first session were the center of attention for the audience. One of them is Jaakko Mäntyjärvi's Nine Dawn Watercolors, which describes a variety of night shifts until the morning in 9 rounds. Her Sacred Spirit Soars by Eric Whitacre as the closing of the first session were also displayed beautifully and managed to give the audience a grand impression.

The second session began with the appearance of each choir. Unpad Choir brought Puing to commemorate 40 years of Unpad Choir. This song was also one of the songs that were delivered at the beginning of the Unpad Choir’s journey. The Agria Swara brought Karena Kau Ada by Farman Purnama.

The songs in the second session were equally interesting from the first session, such as Bellas Finale which was delivered by the female choir of the two choirs and Kruhay by Benny Castillon. Both songs use choreography throughout the song. Sumpah Pemuda and Zikr also have different auras from other songs which tend to be more solemn. There are also romance-themed songs like Misty and Ikaw Ang Mahal Ko. The second session was closed by The Beatles' Let It Be, which made the grand atmosphere complete.

Nice impressions are obtained by each choir for other choirs. Obi, one of the singers from Agria Swara said a positive impression about the concert this time. "This is my first concert. Many lessons can be taken from this collaboration concert. The culture and habits of the two choirs are very different. I try to adjust to the conditions, "he said.

Gaby, one of the singers from Unpad Choir also expressed the same thing. "Singing collaboration turns out to be very fun. Teteh and friends, both from Unpad Choir and Agria Swara, gave good impressions. It is so fun to have new friends, "he said.

The collaboration concert also have many challenges to face throughout the concert. Marselina, as the Project Officer from Unpad Choir, expressed the challenge, "In contrast to the previous concert because of the theme of collaboration, this became a new experience and new challenge. Because we are two committees combined into one, it seems like having to experiment with the system, how to adjust to the two groups. Of course we have to hold our ego and work together,"

The challenge does not only come from the committee, but also from those who participated in this concert. "The challenge of accompanying yesterday's concert was quite difficult because it really had to focus on the character because there were quite a lot of singers and the tempo of the songs was quite fast. The difference is to accompany this concert and other concerts, this time it was quite exciting because this concert was a special concert. Adrenaline must be maintained so that it displays the maximum accompaniment, "Nusa, as one of the accompaniments.

The impression and challenges during the preparation of the Collaboration Concert were also conveyed by Arvin Zeinullah as the conductor. "To unite the two choir groups is indeed not easy and very challenging for me. Plus, the two choirs have different characters because the university's background is also different. But indeed when viewed from the character of the sound is not much difference and easily put together. Finally, the ideals of Unpad Choir alumni and Agria Swara were achieved. Hopefully after this program, the relationship between the two choirs will be better and always maintained so that they can strengthen each other, "he explained.

"It was really good! It was the first time watching and I thought the choir was just a choir, but it turned out to be as good as that. It was far exceeding my expectations. "Christina, one of the Bandung concert viewers expressed her experience while watching this concert," “I really like the Sumpah Pemuda song, it's really good!"

(Clara Vennia)
Translator: Maharani Praphesti




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