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Padjadjaran University Choir • Unpad Choir and Agria Swara: Preparing Themselves Further for the Collaboration Concert | Blog

Unpad Choir and Agria Swara: Preparing Themselves Further for the Collaboration Concert

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A low noise was heard from the 4th floor of RSG Building 2 Unpad Dipatiukur depicting the joyous atmosphere that enveloped the singers from Unpad Choir and IPB Choir Agria Swara which last Sunday (9/23) was united for the first time in Joint Training Collaborative Prime Concert. The Choralescence concert involved more than 150 singers and will be held on the 25th and 29th of November in two cities, Jakarta and Bandung.

Arvin Zeinullah, as the coach of Unpad Choir and PSM IPB Agria Swara, said that this collaboration was the desire of previous alumni who could not yet be realized.
"The previous alumni had aspirations to hold a joint concert between Unpad and IPB because they wanted to know what if these two groups were put together from about 10 years ago but it could only be realized this year," Arvin said.

Arvin also added the experience he felt during the months of preparation for this concert.

"I am very happy to be able to see the same spirit of the two groups that have been fostered but only this time can be incorporated into a large project. The two groups whose enthusiasm are equally great. In addition, of course for a conductor, it is a challenge to combine two groups with their respective characteristics. Hopefully, with this concert, we can encourage all of us to move forward together, not only Unpad and IPB, but also the entire choir in Indonesia, "he added.

The singers get acquainted with each other and share their experiences while in their respective choirs in vocalizing and games designed by the main conductor. A warm and friendly atmosphere was felt to envelop both choirs that both grew in this Sundanese land.

Syafnur, one of Unpad Choir singers said that he was very excited about this joint exercise.

"Today's training was very fun because I get to meet a variety of new faces that actually have been trained by Kang Arvin as well, you could say that we're cousins. Surely from these two groups there are differences, but that is what we wanted to fight for. Both groups are different, but eventually they can complement these differences, ”said the Unpad Choir Bass singer.

This was also felt by one of the singers from Agria Swara, Fedhora Teresa. She admitted that she was very happy and quite easily adapted to Agria Swara's joint training with Unpad Choir.

"I was looking forward to this joint exercise from the beginning of entering Agria (Agria Swara). Especially when I first entered, the one who trained us, Mas Arvin Zeinullah, turned out to be teaching Unpad Choir as well. From there, I really wanted to practice with my Unpad Choir friends. It turned out that the characters of the friends from Unpad were also not much different from Agria. "It's really awaited for the concert later, it will be really exciting!" said this Alto singer.

The liquidity of the atmosphere makes Agria Swara and Unpad Choir joint training a lot more interesting and enjoyable that we couldn't even feel time passing. This combined exercise was then closed with the hospitality and gratitude delivered by the two choirs.

Before Agria Swara returned to Bogor, the Project Officer of the Collaborative Concert from Agria Swara, Bangkit stated that she was very pleased with the remarks from friends of Unpad Choir. Bangkit also hopes that this collaboration concert can be a successful and well-impacted concert in the Indonesian choir world.

"I hope that with this concert collaboration the two choirs can establish friendship. Secondly, with this Choralescence collaboration concert, hopefully we can all show the vocal quality of students from Mas Arvin shown through Unpad Choir and Agria Swara. Finally, hopefully with Choralescence, it can attract the attention of the Indonesian choirs to watch and can continue to inspire, "Bangkit said.

Choralescence is an title inspired by two elements that was merged into one and grow together in choir. With the hope revealed in the title, we hope Choralescence can be a collaboration concert that provides a new record for the history of student choirs in Indonesia.

(Ningrum Wahyudi and Clara Vennia)
Translator: Clara Vennia




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