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Padjadjaran University Choir • The Warm Ambiance in Comparative Study of Unpad Choir | Blog

The Warm Ambiance in Comparative Study of Unpad Choir

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The desire to develop further by continuing to learn is one of the images of the Indonesian choir. This can be seen from the comparative study done by three choirs towards Unpad Choir on three different occasions, namely Purwacaraka Music Studio Choir Cibubur (30/8), Satya Dharma Gita Student Choir Faculty of Law Diponegoro University (9/15) at Unpad Dipatiukur, and Gita Tirtayasa Student Choir at Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University (29/9) at Unpad Jatinangor.

Like the previous Comparative Study activities, the two choirs shared their stories and experiences in Focus Group Discussion activities. Various useful knowledge can be taken from all the choir members that were involved. Ahmad Aldi, President of the Appreciative Cabinet Unpad Choir explained that from this Comparative Study activity he could understand how each choir has their own way to run their organization.

"From the total 8 Comparative Studies done by Unpad Choir this year, we have gotten a lot of knowledge and stories that are useful and memorable for us. From the Purwacaraka Choir we received many funny stories from these children choir. We can learn how to organize and teach children's choirs that we can implement in our new member acceptance activities. In addition, we also learned how to create and organize a national level choir competition from Undip FH PSM. And the last of the Untirta Student Choir from the various equations that we have in terms of our organization can learn to be more sensitive and solutive from the various conditions that we will face later, "he explained.

"We were welcomed very well by Unpad Choir, we can also feel the humbleness from Unpad Choir. Thank you for wanting to welcome us with a kin-like atmosphere. I am not surprised if someone says Unpad is very family-friendly because we really felt that aura. The always successful Unpad Choir boasts the name of Indonesia! ”Said Asfiani, a member of Satya Dharma Gita Student Choir Faculty of Law Diponegoro University.

Dicky from Gita Tirtayasa Choir also shared his similar experiences about the warm atmosphere and kinship that has become Unpad Choir’s trademark.
"It's great that we can be warmly received by Unpad Choir. There are so much learning that can be taken. Despite the similarities, hopefully we can take a better side that is run by Unpad Choir," he added.

The interesting experience was not only felt by the choir members who visited Bandung, Rifky, one of the members of Unpad Choir, expressed his enthusiasm to be able to meet various choirs with different backgrounds.

"We are very happy to have made new friends from the choir who want to come all the way to visit us. We are very grateful for the useful knowledge that has been given to us. We will also continue to learn so that we can continue to improve ourselves so that we can continue to inspire other Indonesian choirs. See you again next time! ”Said the Deputy Chair of the Appreciative Cabinet Unpad Choir.

(Maharani Praphesti)
Translator: Syifa Ramadhani




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