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Padjadjaran University Choir • The Beauty of Colors and Flavors in Unpad Choir Alumni Concert: Naranesia | Blog

The Beauty of Colors and Flavors in Unpad Choir Alumni Concert: Naranesia

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Having succesfully presented 3 previous concerts, alumni PSM Unpad held another concert entitled "Naranesia: Sebuah Konser tentang Rona dan Rasa Indonesia" at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata, last Saturday (10/20). Naranesia described Indonesia's profound love in diverse hue and taste. Rona describes the tale and history about what this country has gone through, and the sense of describing love for it through its culinary diversity.

Karisman Ferdinandus, as the Conductor of the Naranesia Concert, explained that Alumni PSM Unpad had the intention to raise the sense of unity and love of our home country in its diverse hue and taste according to the grand theme of this concert. "The first session visualizes the diversity of Indonesia depicted from pre-independence to post-independence The love of the homeland is also not only presented by the performance of patriotic songs or the beauty of Indonesia but also from foods. All the songs in session 2 tell about delicious Indonesian foods," said one of the singers.

Karisman also added that one of the memorable stories in this concert was featured in the song Pagi Bening. In this song about the story of the fallen heroes' struggles, they performed it as a tribute to members of Alumni PSM Unpad who have passed away. "Throughout this concert journey, there were some that were gone and left us,   that's what we want to convey through the song Pagi Bening. We want to continue theirs struggles by performing our best in this concert," he said.

The results gave birth to the success of audiences. Adam, one of the spectators, shared his enthusiasm and impression after watching this show. "At first, I was interested in watching this concert because I got curious about the appearance of the alumni and the end result was amazing. I am very satisfied with their performances but it is different from the typicak choir concerts,  because all the songs in this concert are classic Indonesian songs. Very conceptual and awesome, especially in session 2 in which they performes songs with food titles. "Good luck for everyone! May Unpad Choir have a more successful future ahead ," he said.

Nita Yulia, as the Chief Executive of the Naranesia Concert, told us about the background of this concert. "The alumni started this journey around 2009, because we had not been singing for a long time due to our busy activities, until finally the first concert was held in 2010. Our concert always raised the theme of love for Indonesia and unity because it was strength of PSM Unpad. We're looking at the state of current society and we wanted to take on the role of unity and love of our homeland.We also want to show that the choir is not just for having fun but we can also embrace the essence of our community in our own way, by singing, " he explained.

This concert involved Alumni PSM Unpad from various generations. One of the youngest alumni in this concert, Fernandes, expressed his feelings throughout the concert. "It's really exciting because the Alumni Concert always has a different concept ffromthe typical unpad Choir concerts,  usually garnished with patriotic songs and national songs. I was also able to meet the seniors, who started the journey of Unpad Choir, and its promoters. The challenge that I faced was the difficulty of organizing time because I was a new member even though I really wanted to contribute more and learn a lot. Awesome! Hopefully my time and schedule will match the concert preparation schedules," he said.

(Maharani Praphesti)
Translator: Aysa Novira Yunaz




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