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Padjadjaran University Choir • A Wondrous Euphony: Stunning the Audience with A Beautiful Harmony | Blog

A Wondrous Euphony: Stunning the Audience with A Beautiful Harmony

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Unpad Choir has once again shown the quality of singing of its members with the implementation of A Wondrous Euphony Vocal Recital Concert on Thursday (10/18). This Vocal Recital Concert is the second recital in 2018 and becomes a Vocal Recital Concert whose committee is Unpad Choir's new members of 2017.
Salsha Meidi as a singer and chief executive of A Wondrous Vocal Recital Concert said that A Wondrous Euophony has a special meaning for her.
"Wondrous means something that is surprisingly good, and Euphony has the meaning of melodious sounds. We intend to give a good impression to the audience of Unpad Choir. In addition, thankfulness and gratitude to the audience for supporting Unpad Choir until now "Obviously the woman who is usually called Salsha.
The message that the committee wants to convey is in fact proven to be delivered with sold out tickets and the audience's enthusiasm. One of the spectators said that she was very impressed with the performances of Unpad Choir singers at the A Wondrous Euphony Vocal Recital Concert.
"I was very amazed. His voice is very unbelieveable and so sweet. I was immediately interested in listening and starting to appreciate classical music after watching Unpad Choir. "Said Audrey, one of the audience members of A Wondrous Euphony Vocal Recital Concert.
The ensemble singer and Development Program Manager, Eleazar Handoyo also said that he was quite satisfied with the committee held by members of this PD division.
"This is the second vocal recital program held by PD, apparently I think it's quite good in terms of the concept of the event and coordination of the institution and singers. A little note for my juniors, keep learning and don't stop here. Keep up! "Eleazar said

The concert was held at RSG Building 2, Padjadjaran University, Jalan Dipatiukur Bandung was opened by Syifa Ramadhani Rizqullah who sang the song Verlust, a masterpiece of Fanny Hensel. Not only performing beautiful sounds and piano chants, A Wondrous Euphony's Vocal Recital Concert also presented a theatrical attraction which made the singer's performance more interesting.
A Wondrous Euphony's Vocal Recital Concert not only features solo vocal singers, but also performed ensemble performances from members of the 7th Bali International Choir Festival. This Vocal Recital Concert is not only a demonstration of the new members of Unpad Choir, but also a form of gratitude from the 7th Bali International Choir Festival team for the achievements obtained last July.
One of the ensemble singers, Hilmy said that he underwent this Vocal Recital with a different stage. However, with the encouragement and assistance of the seniors he claimed to be able to undergo this Vocal Recital well.
"To be honest I was shocked because I had to perform in an ensemble before solo. I am also the only new child in the Hexatonic ensemble group. Even so, the roots and the ones in the Hexatonic group helped me and triggered me to practice more. "
The Vocal Recital Concert was closed with the appearance of all solo singers and ensembles who sang Eres Tu, Juan Carlos Calderon. This Vocal Recital Concert does not only involve Unpad Choir members. However, it involved several pianists who came from outside the Unpad Choir.
Nicholas Rio is one of the pianists who collaborated with Unpad Choir on this Vocal Recital Concert. Rio said that he was very happy to work with the choir of Unpad PSM and had to prepare the songs that he was going to play thoroughly.
"I have to prepare myself well before training with the singer. Concerted song material was quite challenging for both the singer and me as accompanist. In addition, when I meet with an inexperienced singer, I as a companion must be able to provide confidence for them. "Rio said

Rio also added that it was not the first time working with Unpad Choir, Rio had become a pianist at the Vocal Resital Concert at the beginning of A Faithful Journey. He admitted that he was comfortable working with Unpad Choir. "The people are very polite. The concert with Unpad Choir is always well scheduled, making it easier to schedule settings as well. In my opinion, Unpad Choir also has a unique sound color. Keep playing music and make achievements, Unpad Choir!” Added this talented pianist.
 (Ningrum Wahyudi)
Translator: Syifa Ramadhani




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