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After Previously holding the Student Day Activities, Unpad Choir held another activity to welcome the new members, namely The Open House and voice placements or Ambitus. The Open House was held in Building C of the Faculty of Social and Politcal Sciences, Padjadjaran University, Wednesday (06/09). The Admission for New Members was then continued with the voice placements. The Ambitus, which was was attended by more than 200 people, was held at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Padjadjaran University, Saturday (08/09).

The Open House being the first activity that was attended by the prospective Unpad Choir members were held as an effort to introduce Unpad Choir for the first time to them. This goal was reappointed this year, according to Vinda Febrianti, Chief Executive of the 2018 Admission Activities for New Members.

“This Open House has been arranged in such a way by the committee so that the prospective members can get to know more about the organization that they will join in,” said Vinda.

From this Open House, Vinda has high hopes that the new members of Unpad Choir can love Unpad Choir even more so that they can develop well in this organization. Ryo, one of the prospective new members who attended the Open House, admitted that he was happy with the Open House.

“Besides having new friends, I also received a lot of information about Unpad Choir, like knowing the names of the seniors,” said Ryo.

The prospective new members of Unpad Choir are required to follow Ambitus or voice placements. This Ambitus is not an audition for new members, but it is aims to find out what type, color, and sound range of the new members.

The registration of the 2018 Ambitus was held at eleven o’clock in the afternoon. After the registration process is completed, the 2018 new members then have to attend several posts, including Solfeggio Post, Expression Post, and Medical Post. At Solfeggio Post, new members of Unpad Choir will be tested their ability in reading musical notes. 

In the second post, the Expression Post, the new members of Unpad Choir can sing freely and express themselves. In the last post, the Medical Post, New members will have to fill in their personal data and fill in their health data as well before returning to the registration desk to retrieve the My First Song Book, which is a guide book for new members of Unpad Choir.

One of the 2018 new members, Nanda, claimed that he was worried about his Ambitus.

“I was really nervous because it’s my first time being checked like this so I wasn’t ready. However, it turned out okay after trying. Alhamdulillah, it was smoothly done”. Said Nanda, the student of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences of 2018.

This ambitus activity will still be held in conjunction with regular training, so that 2018 Students who are unable to attend the first ambitus can still follow it. Tucked a lot of hope for the successor of Unpad PSM. Hoping that these Unpad Choir recruits will love and work for Unpad Choir, Almamater, and Indonesia. 
(Ningrum Wahyudi dan Irny Fredlia)
Translator: Syifa Ramadhani



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