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Padjadjaran University Choir • Unpad Choir's Spirit of Nationalism in the Glorious 73 Years of Indonesia | Blog

Unpad Choir's Spirit of Nationalism in the Glorious 73 Years of Indonesia

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In commemorating the 73 years of Indonesia's independence, Unpad Choir was again given the opportunity by the West Java Provincial Government to fill the aubade in the 73rd Indonesian Independence Day ceremony. Taking place in Gasibu Square, Bandung, this ceremony was carried out in two parts, namely flag raising and flag reduction (Gelar Senja), Friday (17/8).

Still in the midst of the 73rd Independence Day of Indonesia, Unpad Choir also became the filler of the 73rd Indonesian Independence ceremony at Bandung City Hall and the Rector of Padjadjaran University.

Different from the previous year, the West Java Provincial Government on the 73rd Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia held a Parade which became one of the entertainment for the people of Bandung and its surroundings. This parade was held after the flag-raising event in Gasibu Square was finished. Unpad Choir was given the opportunity to become a performer in this Parade. Arvin Zeinullah, as a conductor, admitted that he did not think that the public's reception was so lively.

"Alhamdulillah, Unpad Choir did the best today and made the atmosphere of the Independence Day more festive. I am also happy there are events like this because for us artists it is important to introduce national songs to the surrounding community. In addition, for members of Unpad Choir, national songs can also hone their singing skills, "said Arvin.

In lowering the flag (Gelar Senja) which was held in the afternoon, Unpad Choir performed several national songs such as Hari Merdeka, Pahlawan, and Bandung Selatan di Waktu Malam to enhance the patriotism of young people and West Java residents.

One of the high officials in West Java who was present at the flag reduction, namely the Commissioner General Mochamad Iriawan, Governor of West Java, admitted that he was very proud of Unpad Choir who sang National songs beautifully and passionately.

"As governor, I feel proud of Unpad Choir's beautiful singing and performance. This is a pride for West Java because we have an extraordinary Unpad Choir," said Iriawan.

One of the people of West Java who watched the Gelar Senja also said that he was very happy and proud of the achievements and singing of Unpad Choir.

"I am very proud, after seeing and hearing the performance of Unpad Choir, I can really feel the atmosphere of the Independence Day, the spirit of the Independence day is in the air," said Pak Win (49).

Still in the ambiemnce of Unpad Choir's victory in the 7th Bali International Choir Festival, Unpad Choir in August also had the opportunity to perform in several Bandung Shopping Centers, such as Trans Studio Mall, Citylink Festival Mall, and 23 Paskal Mall. Arvin Zeinullah said that this August was a busy month for Unpad Choir. He added that this year Unpad Choir was greatly helped by the number of Unpad Choir alumni who participated in some of the 73rd Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day jobs.

"With a number of alumni who participated in the density of Unpad Choir's external and internal activities, they were very helpful. Both in terms of technical and also guiding their juniors, "said the man who is called Kang Arvin.

On the same day, Unpad Choir also performed at 23 Paskal Mall for the first time. The community warmly welcomed and appreciated the singing of Unpad Choir which brought the spirit of independence on the 73rd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. Devin, as one of the audience members of Unpad Choir at Paskal 23 Mall, said that he was very interested in Unpad Choir.

"As a student in Unpad, i was actually interested in Unpad Choir for a long time. However, after seeing their performance in Paskal, I was even more interested and maybe next semester I will be a member of Unpad Choir, " said Devin.

As a Choir who has worked for 40 years, Unpad Choir is annually trusted as the aubade performer in the Ceremony of Indonesia's Independence Day. In every appearance in presenting patriotism songs, Unpad Choir has a purpose and hope that the wider community can be educated and know national songs. When the community knows national songs, little by little the sense of pride and nationalism will grow in the hearts of the people, especially young people who will continue the endeavours of the fighters. Arvin admitted that he was very happy with this aubade activity every year.

(Ningrum Wahyudi & Syifa Ramadhani)
Translation by: Syifa Ramadhani




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