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Various achievements and works have been given by Unpad Choir along the way 40 years. To celebrate this happy moment, Unpad Choir held the 40th Anniversary of Unpad Choir in Arion Swiss-belhotel, on Saturday (14/07). The event was enlivened by the active members of Unpad Choir and members of Unpad Choir alumni from various generations. Aside from being a gathering event for all the young generation and formerly of Unpad Choir, various new programs that are being run by the management of Apresiatif Cabinet are also introduced so that the alumni can know more about  the young generation of Unpad Choir.

This event was opened with remarks from the Chief Executive, Herryawan as the first conductor, and Arvin Zeinullah, as the main conductor of Unpad Choir today. Furthermore, the alumni share their experiences during their activities at Unpad Choir. Nostalgic feeling was in the air when the video journey Unpad Choir aired. The event was then followed by the presentation of history books of Unpad Choir and the values ​​of Unpad Choir presented by Ahmad Aldi Purnama as Chairman of Unpad Choir 2018 period with Dewi Mayangsari as Research Division Manager. The history book of Unpad Choir will be a book that will record important events and the values ​​of PSM currently being developed. In addition it will also be a guide for new and old members in organizing and developing themselves in Unpad Choir.

At 40 years old, Unpad Choir has made many achievements. Achieving achievements in 2017 in Spittal an der Drau with the headline of Indonesia Kirana is the most recent achievement owned by Unpad Choir. Fernandes, as the chairman of the Indonesia Kirana 2017 team cut the tumpeng as a sign of gratitude and thanks to the whole family of Unpad PSM who always support and accompany the journey of Unpad Choir during this time. The event then continued with Talk Show with the alumni. This session is a place for alumni to nostalgia and remembers the various memories and experiences of Unpad Choir. Challenges and struggles that have been experienced are also shared as a place of learning to the young generation who will continue the journey of Unpad Choir in the future.

This series of events is closed with a typical session that always exists on every anniversary, which is blowing candle and cutting birthday cake, represented by the founding alumni of Unpad Choir and Arvin Zeinullah as the main conductor at this time. With the end of this session, the event closed with a photo together and sang the song Hymne Universitas Padjadjaran sung by the family of Unpad Choir who attended.

Nabila Putri Viadin as the Chief Executive explained that this event aims to reassemble the previous generation to the pioneer force so that the bond of alumni is getting closer. Nabila hopes that with this event, tight alumni ties can bring Unpad Choir to continue to excel and can continue to provide the best.

This event also received a good response from alumni one of which is Alit batch 2000, she was very happy to follow this event because she can reunite with her old friends and bring back the memory she has been living in Unpad Choir. For her, Unpad Choir is an important part of his life because in Unpad Choir is a place where he can gain experience and learn to work hard. She also really appreciated this event because collecting batches in the past 40 years is not an easy thing. She can see the spirit of the young generation of Unpad Choir successor.

Likewise with Faisal, chairman of Unpad Choir in 1996 which is usually called Kang Ical, "I follow the development of Unpad Choir on Youtube, Instagram, to the Website I also follow. I am happy and want to always follow the event held by Unpad Choir." Hopefully, the achievement of Unpad Choir can always make proud the alma mater, and Indonesia in the international area.

Various outlooks are also expressed by several parties, one of them is from Arvin Zeinullah, as the main conductor of Unpad PSM. "I hope Unpad Choir will be more successful with a more mature system. Unpad Choir in the future ready to face the challenges associated with the younger generation that changed their mindset. Times will always change, but we also can still maintain the existence and identity as a group that has the motto 'what we are about to sing is very songful'. " he ended.

Ahmad Aldi Purnama as Chairman of Unpad Choir Apresiatif Cabinet also expressed his hope for Unpad Choir. "Hopefully from Unpad Choir various characters and moment for 40 years, it can be a solid unity and good synergy and remain successful."

(Clara Vennia & Irny Fredlia)
Translation by: Clara Vennia




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