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Padjadjaran University Choir • Ramadhan Harmony: The Spirit of Sharing Happiness | Blog

Ramadhan Harmony: The Spirit of Sharing Happiness

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Universitas Padjadjaran Choir has once again held a social service event Unpad Choir Shares with the theme “Ramadhan Harmony” Sunday (27/5) ago at Riyaadlul Jannah Orphanage, Cikeruh Village, Jatinangor. This activity is the second social activity that was proclaimed by the division of Project Development of Unpad Choir. This social event is also one of a series of events to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Unpad Choir.

This time’s Unpad Choir Shares is filled with various activities such as games, song offerings, and breaking the fast together. The first game that is implemented is a Quiz Contest. This game was followed by several members of Unpad Choir together with some orphanage children. In this game, players will be asked questions about common knowledge, English, and Islamic religious knowledge. Not only train the knowledge, this activity will also train the dexterity and physical aspects of the members of Unpad Choir and the children of Riyaadlul Jannah Orphanage through the next game that is the Walking Sarong.


One of the children of Riyaadlul Jannah Orphanage said that the games' activities that were carried out gave the children a chance to recall the knowledge that had been obtained. "It's so exciting! Problems given are quite difficult and very testing. The Quiz Contest makes us recall the knowledge we have already obtained and also train our insights, "explained Wawat.
In line with Wawat, Hakim, one of the children of the Orphanage said that the games that he participated in generate good benefits. "Alhamdulillah, it was fun! The games made us closer to the Unpad Choir members and also with our own friends," said  thee13-year-old junior high school student.
After carrying out the game agenda, the next activity is Warna Warni Harapan. In this activity, all social service participants are asked to give the stamp of a full-coloured palm print on a cloth and write their respective wishes. This activity is enjoyed by the participants, especially by the children seen from the enthusiasm they emit. This activity is also held as a place to dream as high as possible, both for the members of Unpad Choir and the orphanage children.

The song offerings from PSM Unpad became the end of the event that afternoonThe song Rindu Rasul  to describe the atmosphere of Ramadhan and Medley Bungong Jeumpa was chosen to entertain the participants of this event, Unpad Choir Shares. The participants of the Riyaadlul Jannah Orphanage were visibly excited and delighted to witness the event.
The Head of Unpad Choir of 2018, Ahmad Aldi Purnama, looked happy and satisfied when participating in this activity. "Alhamdulillah this extraordinary social service event ran smoothly. In my opinion, this social service activity is different from any other Unpad Choir’s activities in the form of singing activities and meeting forums. This event is also very useful for the members of Unpad Choir and community parties in cooperation with Unpad Choir. This event is amazing because the series of events is not inferior to our concert events. The timing of this social event also coincides with Ramadhan, so we all share with each other. And we are very grateful for the excellent response to this activity from the orphanage children and the guesthouse Riyaadlul Jannah, "he explained.


Grace D'Olivia, as Chief Executive of Unpad Choir Shares in 2018 said that the purpose of this social service in addition to socializing activities there are other things. "The purpose of this social service in addition to socializing is to form a harmonization, in accordance with the theme of our event is Ramadan Harmony. Because it coincides with the month of Ramadhan as well, we of Unpad Choir want to harmonize, synergize, and stay in touch with the people out there who are in need, and because Unpad Choir is capable and had the opportunity to be held this event.
She also said that one of the good additional values in this activity is the congregational prayer activity. "From what I see, congregational prayer is a special thing. With the congregation prayer is also a form of hospitality between the orphanage and Unpad Choir."

"Hopefully with the implementation of this social service, we can all be more sensitive to our surroundings. We as students who are studying in Jatinangor also hope to pay more attention to the community and gain a closer relationship with the people around us." Added the Chief Executive of the Social Service event with the theme "Ramadhan Harmony”.
(Syifa Ramadhani)
Translator : Syifa Ramadhani




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