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Padjadjaran University Choir • Excitements for The Choralboration Concert with Ken Steven: "We're Ready!" | Blog

Excitements for The Choralboration Concert with Ken Steven: "We're Ready!"

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To celebrate the 25th birthday of the famous Indonesian composer, Ken Steven, a forthcoming event with the title of Choralboration Concert will be held on 20 May 2018 at Dago Tea House, Bandung. Ken Steven invited various musicians and artists from different backgrounds to collaborate in presenting his own works during his time in the music world. PSM Unpad surely will also participate by singing 11 compositions by Ken Steven in male choir, female choir, and mixed choir, adding simple choreography in some songs to beautify the entire performances.

"When I was judging at the 25th FPS ITB, I was very impressed with the quality and musicality of PSM Unpad under the training by Mr. Arvin Zeinullah. Meanwhile, the Aperto Singers with the guidance of Mrs. Fatmawati Djunaidi was the first choir in Indonesia that ever performed my work back in 2009. Mr. Daud Kosasih himself is my great teacher in music and compositions, until now we still continue to collaborate and produce beautiful works. Also, Daniel Alexander and Ronny Gunawan are my 2 musicians friends who are very supportive and motivational to me." said Ken Steven, the composer, regarding to the participation of the aforementioned musicians in his upcoming concert.
The daily practice of PSM Unpad for this Choralboration concert has been held since February 15, 2018, organized by Arie Cipta Laras Metti as the main person in charge, Chandra Ryan as Choir Manager, and assisted by Ahmad Aldi Purnama.
I’m very excited with this fun experience! As the main PIC, the first thing to do was to ask the willingness of the PSM Unpad singers to participate in this concert, from the seniors and alumni, to the younger PSM Unpad from the class of 2016 & 2017. I also had to prepare 11 printed musical sheets for each song, also the costumes that will be used the singers. Ken Steven also gave me the mandate to take care of the ticketing part, which is a new experience for me. Actually there are no specific obstacles that occured, unless maybe we got tired sometimes. Hehe. Now my job is only about the ticket-saling, and to make sure that every singer is ready with their singing techniques and the choreography.” said Laras, one of the Alto 1 singer from PSM Unpad.
I hope this concert will be attended by everyone, especially from the musicians. And hopefully the cooperation that exists between PSM Unpad and Ken Steven can be a good start in order to work better and get more public appreciation!she added again.

Last Monday (May 7th 2018), a joint practicing session was done by PSM Unpad with Aperto Singers, held at Gedung IKA UNPAD in Dipatiukur. This activity was led by Ken Steven himself with his typical cheerful, warm, and vibrant demeanor. PSM Unpad and Aperto singers were practicing together for an encore song, accompanied with the melodious musical instruments played by Daniel and Ronny. Ken Steven also added a game session with prizes as a fun interlude to make all of the singers get along and know each other better, before it ended with a group photo session. He didn’t forget to express his personal admiration especially for the young singers from PSM Unpad which, according to him, are very discipline, organized, responsive and intelligent, so that it helped to make all activities he led to run excitingly well.
"It was a totally different experience than ever! I felt a very positive atmosphere with Ken Steven’s presence around. His friendly and cheerful attitude made me even more enthusiastic to sing, especially the Kampuang Nan Jauh di Mato song. Singing along with the flute and piano also added much more beauty to the composition by this young talented Indonesian composer!" said Shan Diaspora, one of the Alto singers.

Choralboration: performing The Choral Works of Ken Steven will be held and opened for public audience on May 20th, 2018 at Dago Tea House, Bandung. For further information and reservations please contact Laras from PSM Unpad (085721613130) & Leonore from Aperto Singers (08112252565). See you at the Choralboration Concert!

(Aysa Novira Yunaz)
Translated by Aysna Novira Yunaz




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