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On May 20th, a collaboration concert for celebrating the 25th anniversary of the talented Indonesian composer, Ken Steven, has been successfully held at Dago Tea House Bandung. PSM Unpad along with Aperto Singers performed Ken Steven's songs harmoniously. In addition, there was also traditional dance performances by the dances of Asep Chilok Dance co, accompanied by piano played by Daniel Alexander, and some flute melodies by Ronny Gunawan.

The Choralboration concert was separated into two sessions. The first session was opened by a dance and accompanied piano music by Daniel Alexander who performed Dancing Equator, which was the arrangement by Ken Steven from Kenology No.2. Next performances were for the Aransemen Lagu Rakyat Indonesia session which opened by Aperto Singers who brought the Tokecang song with colorful traditional clothes and appealing choreography. Unpad Choir then also brought 4 songs (2 songs by male choir & 2 songs by female choir). There are differences in both of these performances, where the women from  Unpad Choir brought softer and more compassionate songs, O Ina Ni Keke and Kampuang Nan Jauh di Mato, while the men performed energetic songs, Batak Medley and Cikala Le Pongpong. In the performance of male choir is also inserted various unique dances based on the origins of the songs.

The next sessions are the Pop Song Arrangement and the Mixed Choir Session. The noise and laughter of the audience was heard when Unpad Choir performed Fajar dan Senja II in the afternoon thanks to the dance and theatrical performances that were inserted to illustrate the meaning of the song. The concert closed with the collaboration performance of PSM, Aperto, pianist, flutist, and dancers who performed Tanah Airku with direct directions from Ken Steven.

Jaka, one of the spectators that evening, also revealed his admiration, "In my opinion, a collaboration between Aperto Singers and Unpad Choir and fellow dancers was awesome! The audience could really be focused in enjoying their every impressive performance.”

Straightly after giving appreciation awards to every important parties involved in the concert, there was a birthday surprise addressed to Ken Steven by all of his fellow performers. Warm atmosphere wrapped the Dago Tea House concert hall.

One of the young singers from PSM Unpad, Vinda Febriyanti of the 1st Soprano, expressed her excitement about being involved in this event, “I am so glad to be able to sing with the other more-experienced PSM Unpad singers, so then I can learn a lot of things. Collaborating with Aperto Singers also got us new relation in this music-lovers society. The songs that we sung were very impressive, because they contain national lyrics and patriotism that encourage the young generation of Indonesia to be united, which is of course contrary to the current situation that contains conflicts, etc.”

That expression was also agreed by the Tenor singer of Unpad Choir, Eleazar Handoyo. "Very memorable indeed! During practice, Ken Steven liked to tell us all the interpretations and original stories behind his works, so we can sing them with more proper emotion and expression. Who knew that Ken is actually very friendly, fun, and humble!"

Arvin Zeinullah, the conductor of Unpad Choir also expressed his feelings about working with Ken Steven. "I was really excited because this event is very fun, the works Ken Steven were also brilliant that those pieces were able to inspire and enrich the musicality of our friends from PSM Unpad. Aperto also has different music genres and it was good to observe and make as a discussion about learning and teaching, in terms of entertainment. Hopefully with Choralboration this can enrich our knowledge and increase our musical ability, so that we could go more further ahead!” he added.

Not only the family of Unpad Choir, Ken Steven also expressed his feelings with working with PSM Unpad. "Unpad Choir is beyond cool! They have great achievements, they are also very discipline, and in terms of musicality, Unpad Choir has nailed it all. The vocals are very solid, and consistent. Thank them for the beautiful singings, also the choreographies!” exclaimed Ken Steven.

Ken Steven also recalled that this concert is the first concert of the next concert where the concert is a start for the choir in Indonesia to be more advanced and known in the international choir world.
"For the record, in the past 1-2 years, I have not made any songs in English or Latin. I am more interested in making Indonesian songs so that our repertoire will become rich. I like to explore the musical potentials of Indonesia, because I am proud of our diversity. In my experience, there have been so many international choirs that sung Indonesian songs, and it is possible that they will be much better in bringing them! Therefore, let’s sing more Indonesian songs too!" he said, about his penchant for composing traditional Indonesian songs.

"When I was still learning in school, I focused more on Asian music. Maybe if other conductors have more understanding about renaissance or romantic age compositions, well I don’t. I compose Indonesian songs because I think each language brings difference in the colour of the sounds. From the accent, etc. I also want to bring and introduce the Indonesian people singing style through these songs, to be more original." added Ken Steven.

(Aysa Novira, Clara Vennia)
Translator: Aysa Novira, Clara Vennia




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