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Padjadjaran University Choir • Enchanting Chants: Charming Singing of Unpad Choir’s Youngest Generation | Blog

Enchanting Chants: Charming Singing of Unpad Choir’s Youngest Generation

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In the lively 40th anniversary, Unpad Choir has once again successfully held the 13th Intern Concert, Tuesday (24/4). The concert titled Enchanting Chants was held at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Padjadjaran University, Dipatiukur campus. The concert of two of the youngest generations of Unpad Choir succeeded in making Grha Sanusi crowded with the number of spectators who boomed up to 800 spectators. According to Chief Executive of the 13th Intern Concert, Richard Ismail said that Enchanting Chants means a charming singing. "We want to convey that Unpad Choir has creations that are fascinating and entertaining through its two youngest generations." Said the Tenor.

13th Internal Concert is not a show of two of the youngest generations Unpad Choir only, but as a venue for the debut of the young conductors Unpad Choir. Dewanti Ramadhani, for example as Conductor of Classical session, is an active member as well as technical team of Unpad Choir class of 2013. Enchanting Chants is Dewanti's first concert as a Conductor. "At first I was pessimistic with the singing technique and the lack of time as well. But at the end, I along with three other conductors managed to bring Enchanting Chants to sing beautiful music on stage. 4 months more or less practice together finally paid off tonight. " Dewanti said.

Enchanting Chants is divided into 4 sessions: Classical, International Song, Popular Song, and Indonesian Folksong. Each session is led by a different conductor. The concert opened with the song Who Shall Have My Lady Fair by Robert Lucas Pearsall from Classical Sessions. This classical session is led by Dewanti Ramadhani Mandira as Conductor. With a cheerful notation and dynamics, this song is able to open the concert beautifully. In this session there are 5 tracks in total from 5 great composers at their time. One of the songs that managed to amaze the audience is Gaur Akelarre by the famous composer, Josu Elberdin. The song that tells of the wizards who won against Intxixuak, one of the legends of the Basque society, made the audience unnerved by giving a loud applause at the end of the song.

With a green costume matching the colors of Enchanting Chants, the singers began to start the International Song session led by Karisman Ferdinandus. This session opens with a Latvian song, Dindaru Dandaru. Tdz. Vardi Lauras Jekabsones muzika. The singer's performance in this song is very different, where usually the singer only stand on the stage, in this song the singers surround Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata. The atmosphere of the audience became increasingly noticeable when Balleilakka, an Indian song by Arranger Ethan Sperry began to be sung. With a typical Indian choreography danced by several singers to keep the audience entertained. The song with a typical  melody from the country that has Taj Mahal  sung by Soli Sopranos and Tenors makes the audience unnerved. Not only these two songs, but in this International Song session the audience seemed to be brought from all around the world. Starting from Latvia, Latin America, India, France, to Africa.

Still in the same costume, the audience then were brought into the Popular Song session led by Fernandes Ginting as Conductor. In this session, the audience is satisfied with various lively music. Starting from Band, Percussion, Piano accompaniment, Brass Ensemble up to contrabass. The boisterous crowd was again heard when Bohemian Rhapsody, melody of world-class musician Freddie Mercury was sung. The audience was stunned by the stunning Band accompaniment plus the expressions and also the gesture of the singers who tried to convey the messages of the song. The session was closed by Sing, created by the Pentatonix group with Mark Brymer's arrangement. The song Sing made the boisterous of 800 spectators filling Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata that night. The singers with band accompaniment, expressive saxophone and brass ensemble made the audience mesmerized and not reluctant to give applause.

Coming to the end of the session at the 13th Intern Concert Enchanting Chants is an Indonesian Folksong session with Adam Prana Surya as Conductor. Five songs from various regions in Indonesia are delivered; Maluku, Padang, East Nusa Tenggara, West Java, and North Sumatra. In this Indonesian Folksong session, the singers wear various custom clothes from every region in Indonesia that make this closing session more festive and very Indonesian.

In a session led by Adam Prana Surya, the song Badminton from the land of Padjadjaran, created by Mang Koko and arranged by Nugraha Tri Utami. With drum accompaniment typical of West Java this song sung with melodious and beautiful. In addition to some typical Sundanese choreography, in this song is also included a theatrical action by two singers who were casted to play badminton. The presence of these two athletes makes the crowd burst into laughter. The Indonesian Folksong session was closed with Cikala Le Pong Pong song arranged by the famous composer and arranger, Ken Steven. To end the concert beautifully, the song Amigos Para Siempre Mac Huff arrangement was chosen. 

With Hymne Universitas Padjadjaran sung, the festivities of the 13th Intern Concert: Enchanting Chants on that night has officially ended. One of the audience that night revealed that he was amazed and want to go back to watch Unpad Choir. "Extraordinary. So different from other University Choirs, because I also like to watch other university choirs and the performance of Unpad Choir was definitely awesome. Moreover, the song Badminton, because I am a Sundanese person, I like it. Tonight was popping!" Says Sabit.

Every Intern Concert of Unpad Choir, there is always a role from a Supervisor in each session. This supervisor is akang and also teteh who has been a Conductor in all sessions at the previous Intern Concert. One of the Supervisors of Indonesian Folksong and International Folksong sessions, Yoga Pranata said if there is not too much difference between concerts this year and before, “If you’re teaching as a Conductor as well as a Supervisor now, there’s really not any difference. The only difference when you’re a Supervisor is that you have to teach the singers and the conductors.” Said Yoga. When asked about the challenges whilst being a Supervisor, Yoga admits that the challenge in this year’s Intern Concert is the basic technique. “I guided in the last month and some basic techniques from each voice is a very significant challenge this year. Fortunately, when I taught the ways so that the basic techniques can be better, the singers quickly caught on. That’s the positive side. So when I teach, I can be in sync with the singers to from the singers’ basic singing techniques.” Yoga added.

This Intern Concert is always interpreted as the First Concert for new members of Unpad Choir and also as a Graduation Concert for the generation who has been in Unpad Choir for a year. In this year's Enchanting Chants, the class of 2017 becomes the youngest members of Unpad Choir and this Intern Concert becomes their debut. One of the singers from 2017 batch, M. Rifat admitted that was very happy with his first experience with Unpad Choir's concert. "it's a relief because at the end, the 4 months of training was paid off on stage." Said the man who is usually called Mgs. 

Iin Novianti, One of the singers from the class of 2016 who had participated in the Intern Concert for the second time also said that she was very happy because eventually she and the other people from class 2016 managed to finish this Intern Concert. "I am very happy to be in this team, where I have become a teteh who must guide the people of class 2017. Cooperation can be called good between 2017 and 2016. I hope that 2017 in the year of their second concert will continue to survive to guide the younger generation, so that the quality and quantity of Unpad Choir’s successors can be better. "Said Iin.

In this concert, Unpad Choir also have the opportunity to establish cooperation with several music players with expertise in their respective fields. From the beginning of the classic session to Indonesian Folksong, Unpad Choir presents various music. One of Yesterday's companions arranged by Ray Jefryn and Arvin Zeinullah Muhammad Wiku Al-Fazri said that the experience of accompanying the new choir he got when working with Unpad Choir. “Because this is the first time that get to play with a choir and immediately gets to play a cool track record, I am obviously nervous , but at the same time very happy.” Said the Contrabassist.

As the main coach of PSM Unpad, Arvin Zeinullah said that this intern concert has always been a learning ground for responsibility and loving choir for the youngest generation of Unpad Choir. He hopes that with the implementation of this Intern Concert, the members of Unpad Choir can love Unpad Choir with any condition. "I am very appreciative for the singers and the conductors, who have conducted Intern Concert with the standard of Unpad Choir whilst in the middle of a narrow time and situation. Hopefully our future together can learn from the lecture system and also Unpad Choir’s time distance from one event to another event, we can still present a better, better and better Intern Concert." Said Arvin.
 (Ningrum Wahyudi)
Translator: Syifa Ramadhani




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