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Padjadjaran University Choir • ​2018 INTERN CONCERT: SPIRITS IN BUILDING SOMETHING NEW | Blog


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In the step of one of the largest student activity units, Unpad Choir began to develop new seeds in order to regenerate qualified members of Unpad Choir. One of the activities is the Unpad Choir Intern Concert which is attended by two of Unpad Student Generation Units with members of the new generation as a committee. The concert aims to train members of Unpad Choir in particular the new members to get an experience that will make provision both in terms of technical singing and management activities both within the Unpad Choir and outside environment.

This activity begins with the Primary Practice of Internal Concert held on Wednesday (10/01/2018) as a form of debriefing for new members in performing this concert both in terms of technical and management of the concert itself. This activity was filled directly by Arvin Zeinullah as the main conductor of Unpad Choir with a week-long time and continued with the inaugural drama of the internal concert the following week by introducing the parties involved in the concert.

To assist the smoothness of this activity, the management of Unpad Choir held a Class of Sharing activity at Unpad Dipati Ukur Campus where this activity became a forum for new members to exchange ideas and strengthen the coordination network between the organizers of internal concert activities as well as the organizers and committee members of previous year's internal concert.

Eleazar Handoyo as Manager of the Project Development division as well as the initiator of this event said that this activity aims to minimize the obstacles that occurred in previous activities by sharing experiences on how to overcome various problems that occurred in a concert. "The purpose of this activity is to minimize the obstacles that occur in previous activities by sharing experiences from the previous news about what barriers are common and how to overcome them." He added.

Not only for the committee, there was also a Singer Bonding activity held in Taman Hukum, Unpad Dipati Ukur Campus (04/03/2018) to strengthen the relationship between singers both new members and the previous generation. Organizational Development division team as the representatives of this activity becomes a venue for the singers in improving coordination and cooperation with each other and packing this activity with games that attractive. According to Ibnu Ashari Fuad, manager of the Organizational Development division, this activity originated from a lack of containers to strengthen chemistry in a concert team so that the Singer Bonding activities are held. "With this singer Bonding activity, is expected to be a container in tightening chemistry between singers in a team so the concert can run properly as it should" he said.

Dyah Fazriya, one of the soprano singers in this concert, said that this activity became a refresher of self-contained interrupted practice activities that are fairly solid. "In addition this event can be a container in closer self among the singers, and also to refresh the minds of the singers, considering the activities in this PSM is quite solid", she stated.
(Muhammad Fauzi)
Translator: Clara Vennia




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