Finding the Meaning of Family in Kabinet Apresiatif 2018 Committee Bonding

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Aside from running in the choral world, Unpad Choir also developed its organization where this year’s management in the organization is named Kabinet Apresiatif. On Saturday (17/03/18), Kabinet Apresiatif arranged a bonding activity for the members of the committee at PSBJ Building Faculty of Cultural Science, Universitas Padjadjaran which was attended by all elements of the management of Kabinet Apresiatif. The purpose of this bonding is to strengthen the relationships between the new members so that they can recognize each other more to ease their coordination while working.

Rifky Kurnia as the Vice President of Unpad Choir explained that in this bonding, every member can learn a lot of new things and obtain useful values for themselves. “Through the games that were arranged by the Organizational Development division, they can earn a lot of valuable values such as coordination, communication, sensitivity, focus, and also strategic and creative thinking,” he added.

This bonding activity was opened with Najma Nabila Savitri’s greeting as one of the Steering Committee of Unpad Choir. She shared her experience as a member of the committee of Unpad Choir along with the benefits she earned by that time. “I never regretted being a part of this management because there are a lot of things that I can get here, I hope all of you can also learn a lot of things here, and one of its ways is by doing every task seriously.” she said.

Afterwards, this activity continued with performing cheers from each division to hone the creativity of each members of the committee, then playing games that have been prepared by the Organizational Development division such as Whisper Challenge, Step on It, and others. These games were meant to implement the values that are targeted in this bonding activity.

One of the members of the committee who attended the event was Hilmy from General Affair, he was very delighted to feel the different atmosphere in this activity. "The euphoria in this activity is very different from usual, because usually we only met for vocal practices but now we can chat and play together, especially with our seniors," he explained. This is in line with Salsha from Project Development division, "Through this activity, we became more familiar and comfortable with the members in our divisions. So when we work together, it will be more fun."

Salsha also revealed the benefits that she gained when she joined the Management of Unpad Choir. "I applied to the management of PSM Unpad to gain experience in an organization, and so far I've got so many new things such as discipline, sense of responsibility, belonging, and of course the appreciative culture".

Nabilah Salma as the person in charge of this activity also recounts her experience when she was given the responsibility of managing this Committee Bonding. "Through this activity I've gained a lot of new experiences such as a sense of kinship in Unpad Choir that was felt earlier. I can also learn how to manage an activity well so that the desired goals can be achieved," she admitted.

This activity was closed with messages from Ahmad Aldi and Rifky Kurnia as the President and the Vice President of Unpad Choir. They hope that through this activity the members of Kabinet Apresiatif can be more solid and unified. And with this sense, it can bring Unpad Choir to be better organization in the future.

(Irny Fredilla)
Translator: Irny Fredilla




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