A Faithful Journey: A Hopeful Start for the Future

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Showing their ability in the world of music, Universitas Padjadjaran Choir (Unpad Choir) continues to show its existence. At the age of 40 years, Unpad Choir again proves its quality, not only by singing in groups, but also the expertise of its members in singing solo on A Faithful Journey Vocal Recital Concert on Thursday (08/03/2018). This vocal recital is the first recital of two vocal recitals to be held in 2018.

The recital concert that was held at RSG Building 2, Universitas Padjadjaran Iwa Koesoemasoemantri Campus, Jalan Dipati Ukur Bandung was unveiled gracefully by Cahyannisa Farah who sang Le Colibri, a classical song composed by Ernest Chausson and ended with a slick appearance of all singers who sang What Matters Most by Dave Grusin and Marlyn Bergman.

Emanuela Rae Alodia as the Project Officer of this Vocal Recital stated that the concert’s title was to show that it is the first activity of the 40th anniversary of Unpad Choir. "Through the name 'A Faithful Journey' we want to illustrate the expectations of Unpad Choir at the age of 40 this year in order to continue to work, dedicate and display their harmonies in the music world. And that is the reason why we chose this title, 'A Faithful Journey' which means a journey that is full of hope." said the Soprano girl.

Arvin Zeinullah, the main conductor of Unpad Choir stated that the singers in this recital have already showcased their maximum abilities. "The singers in this concert already have a quality that is not less good than the previous recital and has been able to exceed my expectations," he said. He hopes in the next vocal recitals, there will be various new innovations that can be presented by the members of Unpad Choir. "The recitals was very good, ranging from the committee to the singers. I hope there will be something new that can be given to the audience at the next recital." he added.

This vocal recital was also a sweet start to the 40th anniversary of Unpad Choir, which was similar to what Kang Arvin explained. "As an opening celebration of Unpad Choir’s anniversary, this recital was a good event. Moreover, this recital was attended by Vice Dean of Fisip Unpad who is the faculty coach representative of Unpad Choir. And through the teaser that was aired in the middle of the concert, we also announced that there will be a lot of subsequent activities by Unpad Choir, hopefully there will be many parties who will continue to support and will always wait the future events of Unpad Choir," said the alumni of the Faculty of Communication in Universitas Padjadjaran.

The success of this concert was also perceived by the audience of the vocal recitals, one of them are Lusia Dhea Ananda Sinaga. For her, in accordance with the motto of Unpad Choir "what we are about to sing is very songful", the singers from this vocal recital have performed their best performances and convey the meaning of the song they brought. "And from this event the audience can really see the quality of Unpad Choir’s members, let alone we can see their appearance one by one. So the 40-year-old Unpad Choir is also not only numbers but they could actually showcase their quality and talented members in the music world, "she added.
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Rezlan Ishar Jenie

Duta Besar RI untuk Perancis - "Kegiatan pagelaran seni dan budaya semacam ini (Konser Kebudayaan PSM Unpad di Perancis) merupakan upaya untuk semakin mempererathubungan dan meningkatkan rasa saling pengertian antara Indonesia dengan perancis"

Nicholas Aubert

Founder of Recontre Culturelles de Valle de Joux (RCVJ) - "Your Variety program was awesome. Great Performance!"

Arifi Saiman

Pensosbud KBRI Paris - "Para tamu undangan tidak bergeming dan tidak beranjak dari tempat duduk meskipun MC telah memberitahu bahwa acara sudah selesai."

Jean Claude Wilkens

Judge of 48th Montreux Choral Festival - "I am very happy that your choir(Padjadjaran University Choir) is developing so welll."



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