Welcoming Party : A Moment to Welcome Unpad Choir Class of 2017

As the closing for the series of RPAB program, Unpad Choir held an event with a title of “Welcoming Party” which lasted for three days (8-10/12/2017), located at Vila Alam Santosa, Cikadut, West Java. This event was not only attended by the new & active students, but also the senior members, the alumni, and Arvin Zeinullah as the main conductor of PSM Unpad, who were present to get to know more about Unpad Choir’s next generation.

Upon their arrival at Vila Alam Santosa, the new members of the year 2017 took part to play games with the purpose of getting to know more about other new members and also their own groups. "I'm very excited with these games, as it helps us to get closer to our friends and our LO’s. Not just for the sake of having fun with each other, but also to learn about a lot of things together," said Saiful Huda, one of the new members from the Pop group.
Just like any of the previous Welcoming Party events, there’s always a sharing session which was hosted by the alumni of Unpad Choir. This session was attended by Nova Mulyadi (2006), Miryam Wedyaswari (2008), Karisman Ferdinandus (2009), R. Andhika Abdul Razzaaq (2010), Zahrina Rizqi M (2012), Fiemaelia Puteri Santoso (2012), Peni Rizki 2012) and Dzulfiqar Abduljabbar (2012). They shared all of their very own experiences, their every downfalls and joyous moments in Unpad Choir which was really informative and motivating for all of the 2017 class.

On the second day of the Welcoming Party, the new members were given the opportunity to conduct their first Intern Concert simulation, under the School of Concert Management (SOCM) title. In this SOCM, they were obligated to play the roles of the Internal Concert committees, and were confronted into some situations during the concert preparation. The essence of this SOCM activity is to recognize the problems that they might encounter in the future, and to set strategies to deal with the preparations of a real concert.
On the last day, the new members came together for the final agenda, which was "Choir Festival (FPS)". They performed two songs, which were As Torrents in Summer by composer Edward Elgar, and one traditional song of choice. For the group that meets the most criteria for being the ideal Unpad Choir members, would be the winner. And for this year’s winner, the most appreciated group was Keroncong.
Rahayu Indah Sari, a member of Keroncong group, expressed her happiness and gratitude of being able to learn a lot with her group at this Welcoming Party. "I’m so grateful to be guided by our LO’s in every practices, and it’s always so exciting! Thanks a lot for Teh Arsyi, Kang Eleazar, and all of my new friends!” she said.

In each and every year, Welcoming Party sets a specific goal. At this time, Dewi Mayangsari as the Project Officer of RPAB, revealed that the main goal of every RPAB is to facilitate the new members to adapt to the upcoming situations during their years of being a member of Unpad Choir. "For this year, our specific goal for the generation of 2017 is to rise the their enthusiasm, their sense of belonging, and also to encourage & enchance their spirit throughout the whole journey with Unpad Choir,” she said.
Dewi Mayangsari didn’t deny the fact that there were also some obstacles occurred during the process of guiding the 2017 generation to be in accordance with the objectives of this RPAB. "It turns out the enthusiasm of the new students has been slowly decreasing during the past two years. Hopefully, we could invent more effective solutions to increase their excitement in every choir practices and every programs of Unpad Choir. And with this Welcoming Party, I hope that we’re able to help to strengthen and expand their excitement for the other upcoming events," she added.
Arvin Zeinullah, as the main conductor of Unpad Choir, took a huge part in congratulating all of the new members of the year 2017 for officially being a part of Unpad Choir. "My advice for this new generation is that for each individual to get wiser, more active and passionate about everything in this organization," he said.
(Ningrum Wahyudi)
Translator: Aysa Novira




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