The 21st Annual Concert: A New Song of the New Generation

Universitas Padjadjaran Choir (Unpad Choir) has finally completed its 21st Annual Concert, entitled “Canticum Novum”. This concert was held in two big cities of Indonesia; the first one is Jakarta, specifically at Auditorium Graha Swara Universitas Tarumanagara, on Sunday (12/11), and it was then continued with Bandung as the second city, at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Thursday (23/11).

The title “Canticum Novum” is taken from the Latin language, which means ‘new song’. “The title itself was chosen because the majority of choristers who took part in Annual Concert 2017 are the young generation of Unpad Choir. Aside from that, Kang Arvin as the conductor has also decided to bring works from young composers; so that the concert is dominated with contemporary works,” said Adam Prana Surya, as the Project Officer of Unpad Choir’s 21st Annual Concert. Through the title of this year’s Annual Concert (23/17), Adam also added that this year, the Annual Concert team wants to show the spirit of the new generation of Unpad Choir through the songs they will sing.

The first session was opened with a song titled Nunc Dimitis, composed by Tarik O’Regan; this song confirms the existence of faith in human. Crucifixus, a work by Andrej Makor and Ambang Batas, one of the best works of Fero Aldiansyah Stefanus, also become one of the songs that have gotten numerous appreciations from the audience in this first session. Arvin Zeinullah said that Crucifixus, a work by Andrej Makor, is a piece which has been “given” by the composer to be performed by Unpad Choir. This first session was ended with one of Ric Whitacre’s best works, Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine, which illustrates Leonardo Da Vinci’s dreams to fly.

There is a difference between the opening song for the second session between the conert in Jakarta and Bandung. The second session in Jakarta was opened with a traditional Andalusian song, En La Macarenita by Bob Chilcott; a song with samba-like tempo and harmony. In the Bandung concert, the second session was opened with a traditional song from Finland, Pseudo-Yoik Lite by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, which was brought by a female choir. The third piece which was performed in this session was Izar Ederrak, a work by Josu Elberdin. This song tells a story about a star that shines so beautifully, surrounded by eight angels and a person who misses the star. This third song has become one of the most emotional song which has made some of the audiences’ were brimming with tears.

The audiences were also entertained with a performance by the female choir in the 6th song that brought a work by Millton Drake and Ben Oakland, Java Jive. This piece illustrates a coffee shop in the New York City in the 1940s, with a slight drama and flirtatious moves performed by the female choir. The next performance was a famous piece by George Weiss and Bob Thiele: What a Wonderful World, with a beautiful piano accompaniment by Hansen Wiguna, which illustrated a world where everyone live in peace and harmony, regardless of race, or religion. This second session was ended with a traditional piece from South Korea, Me-Na-Ri by Hyo-Won Woo. For this piece, singers were spreading around the venue and the performance was accompanied with the unique sound of Korean traditional music instrument. Canticum Novum was finally ended with a traditional song from Zulu/Xhosa, Molweni, which was arranged by Markus Detterbeck; which was performed with percussions and the exciting movements. This last performance has resulted to standing ovation among the audience of both Jakarta and Bandung concert.

Just like the 2016 Annual Concert, which was enlivened with the alumni of Unpad Choir, the 2017 Annual Concert was enlivened by the young generation of Unpad Choir. In this 21st Annual Concert (23/11), the new members of Unpad Choir, specifically the 2017 batch was given the opportunity to participate in the 2017 Annual Concert team. One of them, Muhammad Fauzi, conveyed his thoughts and feelings about this; he said that he feels very grateful and thankful for the opportunity given to him to experience his very first concert. “I feel very grateful for being able to learn earlier than my other friends of the 2017 batch. I really do think and feel that Unpad Choir can become a home for me, and I hope that my other friends of the 2017 batch will be able to feel the same things, and are able to love Unpad Choir just as I do,” he said.

The pieces which were brought in Unpad Choir’s 21st Annual Concert are quite different from the previous Annual Concerts. “The reason why I choose contemporary songs for this 21st Annual Concert is to enhance the knowledge of the team members, who in majority are the new members of Unpad Choir, with contemporary repertoire. Another reason is to educate the audience with knowledge about music,” said Arvin.
Arvin also talked about his experience in working together with this year’s Annual Concert team, which in majority is consisted of the new members of Unpad Choir. “In every generation there must be a different approach, including this generation; which needs to be approached with a new method. This experience is actually an interesting challenge for me,” he explained.

Unlike the previous years, in this 21st Annual Concert, Unpad Choir performed a number of works off the stage; the singers were spreading around the concert venue and they sang very closely with the audience. This uncommon performance has amazed the audience and they can feel a different acoustic, compared to the previous concert. “I think this year’s Annual concert is very special, it felt like a pre-competition concert. Their singing is very enjoyable, and us as the audience are able to get the feeling from the pieces which were brought; when we hear them singing, we get can get an amazingly beautiful impression. I always feel very contented every time I watch Unpad Choir’s concerts. It was very satisfying,” said Phillip Cuaca, one of the audiences in Bandung concert (23/11).

(Ningrum Wahyudi)
Translator : Marselina Viase



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