Becoming Stars in Unpad Choir's Way with "As The Blessing Sings"

Universitas Padjajaran Choir (Unpad Choir), once again held another Vocal Recital, which has become one of Unpad Choir’s routine program since 2011. The second Vocal Recital of 2017 was held on Wednesday (11/10) at Ruang Serba Guna (RSG), 4th floor, Unpad, Kampus Iwa Koesoemasoemantri, in Dipati Ukur Street, Bandung. The Vocal Recital, which was entitled “As The Blessing Sings”, will present 12 singers from all voice group, who would be performing solo pieces, and also 8 ensemble, which will be divided into 2 sessions.

As The Blessing Sings is opened with the soothing voice of Muhammad Daffa Sulistyawan, who brought the song “When Laura Smile”, a classical piece by Philip Rooseter and was ended with a performance by all singers who performed the song “What a Wonderful World”, writtened by Bob Thiele (as "George Douglas") and George David Weiss. Unlike the previous Vocal Recitals, this year the members of Indonesia Kirana 2017 also took part to perform as 8 different ensembles group to present their golden voices to the world.

One of the ensemble members, Clara Cindy, said that the experience of singing in an ensemble group is the first time for her, and it is also a challenge for her, “Turns out, to unite the thoughts and voices of the people within just one ensemble team is pretty hard, especially because we have to sing on our own, without any backups from our friends from the same voice group. For me, I felt even more nervous compared then when I have to sing as a solo,” said Cindy.

Nabila Putri Viadin, the Project Officer of Vocal Recital “As the Blessing Sings” explained the meaning of the title of this vocal recital oncert. “In the beginning, the theme is about having the chance to shine, because with all of the seniors, there are also the soloists, which in majority are the new members of batch 2016. So basically, each of us have the same opportunity to shine,” she said.
She also added that in related with the title and theme of this this Vocal Recital, the world ‘blessing’ itself was chosen as an expression of gratefulness for the talent which has been given by God, as well as for the the victory of Indonesia Kirana 2017 in the 54th International Competition of Choral Singing in Austria, last July.

The main conductor of Unpad Choir, Arvin Zeinullah, also talks about how Vocal Recital becomes one of the most important programs for Unpad Choir. “Vocal Recital is held for it seen as a very important aspect for Unpad Choir’s members to be able to appreciate classical music; and for them to sharpen their vocal technique independently. The benefit can really be felt when one gets back to sing in a choir, because by knowing their own vocal shortcomings and advantages, then when they are singing in a choir, they will become more confident,” he said.

One of the audiences, Dani, talked about his impression after watching this Vocal Recital concert. “I am very impressed and amazed at the singers here whom I believed are used to singing together in a choir, and now, having to sing solo. Although there were some of them who still looks pretty nervous, but it was still a really great performance. The event itself is really cool; the committee is prepared with all the details, so the execution can be done without any problems,” said he.
(Ningrum Wahyudi)
Translator : Marselina Viase




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