Understanding Unpad Choir’s Culture in Welcoming Party

As the final moment as well as the climax of the New Member Enrollment Series, Unpad Choir just held a Welcoming Party in Villa Guruminda, Ciwidey. This event was being participated by Unpad Choir’s entire element, starting from the new members, active members, technical team, alumni, and the Main Conductor of Unpad Choir, Arvin Zeinullah.  This Welcoming Party was being held for 3 days (2-4/12) and from this event, the new members were being introduced to Unpad Choir’s values and cultures.
On the first day, the new members were taught about the meaning of hard work by watching a documentary movie, Indonesia Kirana. The movie that was released in 2016 by Embara Films was about Unpad Choir’s journey to Europe in April 2015. From this movie, the new member will understand better about vocal technique and organizational requirement in a choir. They also took notes that a choir is not only “a group who sings on stage” but there were so many things they did behind the scene to achieve it.

The next day, the new members were given a lesson in a game form titled School of Choir Management (SOCM). In this game, the participants were given a role as an Intern Concert Team and were faced with some pre-concert situation. The seniors also participated in this game. The essence of this game was how the new members prepare a concert and confront the obstacles that they will face along the way. Not only vocal technique, but they also learned the ethics of negotiation and how to communicate with Unpad Choir’s partner.
On the last day of the Welcoming Party, the new members of Unpad Choir played some games to strengthen each group’s relationship. In this last day also, the new members will participated in the final agenda which was Festival Paduan Suara (Choir Festival). There were 2 songs that each group has to sing, which were Mengheningkan Cipta by T.Prawit and one other song that each group has to draw. To end this Welcoming Party, the new members were given a performance by the seniors and a documentary video of their journey from the beginning until their last practice before this event.  

Tia Asiyah Rahmah, the Project Ofiicer of Unpad Choir’s New Members Enrollment Series (RPAB) stated that the concept for this year’s Welcoming Party focused on the intimacy between the new members also the new members and Unpad Choir. “They will go through so many things in Unpad Choir and that’s the reason why this concept was chosen, so they can struggle together to achieve their dream in Unpad Choir” she explained.

She also explained the obstacle the team came through was the contrast between the new members that came to the regular practice in Jatinangor and Dipatiukur. “We can see that there are some new members who are really enthusiastic, but there are also some new members that rarely came to the regular practice. From this Welcoming Party, I hope the new members will increase their enthusiasm and also pass it to their friends to keep on striving in Unpad Choir and to work up their potential” she added.
(Primagung Dary Riliananda)
Translator : Maharani Praphesti



Rezlan Ishar Jenie

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