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BANDUNG - The Great Deliberation is the last agenda of the Management of Organization in Unpad to cover the management period every year. This year, the General Assembly of Management of Unpad Choir for the period of 2016 was held on Friday (30/12) at RSG Unpad Iwa Koesoemasoemantri, Bandung and attended by active members and alumnus from PSM Unpad.

This year, the Deliberation of Unpad Choir was opened by the Accountability Report of the 2016 Management Board. All of the participants in the Deliberations could voice their opinions and suggestions in this session. The next session was the Accountability Report from the Technical Team of Unpad Choir. At the end of the Deliberation, each division manager rewards the best-performing division and manager members of Best Staff and Best Manager.

Najma Nabila Savitri, the President of Unpad Choir for the 2016 period reveals her experience as the President of this University Student Unit. There are so many new challenges and experiences she had while being part of Unpad Choir’s board for a year.

"I hope Unpad Choir can be better and more solid. Unpad Choir will be better in terms of coordination and professionalism next year" she added.

The next agenda of this Great Deliberation is the Election of Unpad Choir’s President Period 2017. After going through several stages of elimination, there are three President Candidate of Unpad Choir namely Tia Asiyah Rahmah, Vanda Sekar Yanti, and Andini Humaira. The candidates have conducted several campaign processes both directly and through social media in the form of Curriculum Vitae exposure and vision of each candidate's mission before the Great Deliberation is held.

On the second agenda of this Great Deliberation, the candidates conducted the last campaign followed by a question and answer session. All Participants of the Great Deliberation could ask some questions to the candidates. After going through a long process, finally Vanda Sekar Yanti with Kabinet Beraksi was selected as the President of Unpad Choir 2017.

Vanda admitted, she did not expect that the members and alumnus of Unpad Choir trust her to be Unpad Choir’s President. In accordance with his vision, Vanda hopes that Unpad Choir can be a forum for the development of interests and talents in the arts and organizations, and create human resources character.

"Hopefully Unpad Choir could develop to be a better organization, and Unpad Choir could continue to produce a brave, active, committed, courteous, and initiative generations in the future," she added.
(Maharani Praphesti)

Translator : Primagung Dary R.




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