The 20th Annual Concert : The Bliss of Nostalgia

Unpad Choir had finished the 20th Annual Concert series, titled “The Past, The Love, The Memories”. After the first one that was held in Grha Sanusi Hardjadinta, Dipatiukur, Bandung, on Tuesday (15/11), the second run of the concert was held in Auditorium Graha Swara Universitas Tarumanegara, Jakarta on Sunday (20/11).

The first session was opened with Die Warnung by Franz Joseph Haydn, the meaning of the song is to warn us to beware of scorpions’ slyness and tricks. Other than Confitebor, one of Mozart’s masterpieces, Kalinka, a Russian traditional song that was being readapted by Nakajima Ryoushi was being one of the few songs that brought hearty applauses from the spectators. The alumni of Unpad Choir, Nugraha Tri and Miryam Wedyaswari who were known with their voice quality sang the solo part in Kalinka that night with an amazing piano accompaniment by Hansen Wiguna. The dynamics and change of tempo in Kalinka really move the spectators’ mood. This session was ended with Stars by Erik Esenvalds that was accompanied with glass resonations to illustrate a clear night sky full of stars.  

The 11 songs that were brought in the second session were started with Se Equivoco la Paloma by Carlos Guastavino. The third performance in this session showcased the Male Choir of Unpad Choir with Sawah that was arranged by Arvin Zeinullah and a performance of the Female Choir of Unpad Choir with Fireworks by Nancy Telfer for the fifth performance. The spectators were brought into laughter when the singers performed Tema Blues by Damiano D’ Ambrosio. The next performance was Mission Impossible Theme Song that was arranged by Roger Emerson with an act and percussions that brought the spectators into a comedy-thriller atmosphere. Trashin’ the Camp by Moses Hogan closed this concert and brought festive applauses and standing ovations from the spectators in both cities. Renungan that brought Unpad Choir to win the National University Choir Competition on 2009 really closed the 20th Annual Concert of Unpad Choir and ended the nostalgia that night.
Unpad Choir : the alumni and the new generation

This concert felt really special because this was the celebration of the 20th concert of Unpad Choir, the celebration can be seen by the concert setlist. Arvin Zeinullah, the main conductor of Unpad Choir stated that the songs were chosen from the previous Annual Concerts. Some alumni from many generations joined this concert as a singer in both Jakarta and Bandung and that makes this concert more special.

Particularly for the concert in Bandung, it was such a pleasure that the class of 1978, the first generation of Unpad Choir performed a surprise performance as a form of their longing to sing together on stage. The attendance of the first generation of Unpad Choir was also a form to socialize with the recent generation of Unpad Choir. The performance that night (15/11) was really memorable and emotional for everyone who were involved in the concert, including the spectators
“The performance was really cool (the class of 1978)! Even though they aren’t young anymore but they still sounded really good, it was really stunning.” one of the new members of Unpad Choir who was shy to tell her name stated.

The alumni that were present in the concert expressed their feelings towards this 20th Annual Concert, one of them is Roy R. Rondonuwu who has successfully become a lecturer in the Faculty of Communication Studies Unpad. Roy stated that he was happy because of the music that night was spectacular, he also reunite with his generation that night.

Iwan Abdurrahman, the composer of Hymne Unpad also expressed his feelings in front of the audiences that night (15/11). For him, it was really incredible that the member of Unpad Choir can maintain their activity as a student and also as a choir member. “As we seen from the concert title, The Past, The Love, The Memories, what we saw and felt tonight has to be a moment that we cherished for long time. Not only a concert, but this is also a wonder from the ups and downs they’ve been through” the first president of Unpad Choir added.

(Yunus Insan)
Translator : Maharani Praphesti




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