The Collaboration of 2 Choirs in “Resonanz Music Fest 2016”

Unpad Choir enlivened the "Pesta Paduan Suara" event, which was a part of the series of "Resonanz Music Fest 2016" as the 20th anniversary of the Batavia Madrigal Singers (BMS). Pesta Paduan Suara featured seven choir teams led by the members and alumni of BMS. PSM Unpad along with Arvin Zeinullah as the Main Conductor, had the chance to perform on the second day at the aforementioned event which was held from 23 to 25 ​​September.

This performance was even more special because Unpad Choir was collaborating with Institut Pertanian Bogor Choir--Agria Swara--under the instructions of the same conductor. Arvin Zeinullah who was a graduate of Faculty of Communication Padjadjaran University of 2002, has also become a coach of Agria Swara since 2003. There were nine songs performed in the Recital Hall of the Kertanegara, including Katakataka, A Tu Lado, and Ritmo. The male Choir who performed “Mencintai Tak Harus Memiliki” got even more appreciations from the entire audience that night. "When the male choir was performing, the audience drifted into admiration, and when the song was finished, their applause was so festive," said Cindy, the representatives of Unpad Choir.

To face this “Pesta Paduan Suara” event, these 22 Unpad Choir singers began their preparations since April. "Firstly, we started to practice once a week, then the intensity was slowly increased along with the time," said Fernandes, one of the Tenors of Unpad Choir. He also explained that the singers also did some individual exercises by themselves, remembering that there were a lot of other Unpad Choir’s upcoming events at the time, such as the preparations for their 20th Annual Concert on November.

The harmony created while singing--is the soul of a choir. The lack of collective practices between these two choirs which were separated by distance actually got them worried about how would their final performances be. However, their doubts which turned into a challenge was finally fulfilled as their appearances that Saturday night ended with an encore song, As Long as I Have Music, which was sung along with Pancasila University Choir who also performed separately that day.

"Apparently there is also a student choir coming from Riau, and they were amazed by our performances. Kang Arvin (Arvin Zeinullah) also admitted that we (Unpad Choir and Agria Swara) had already sounded pretty harmonious," said Cindy. "This is such an exceptional experience which is pretty hard to explain with words, to collaborate with Agria Swara. Even we almost forgot about the fear we had at the first place… hahaha” Maudi, one of the Altos of Unpad Choir stated.

(Yunus Insan)
Translator : Aysa Novira




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