Hello Pramuda! Are You Ready To Be A Part Of Unpadchoir 2016?

On this year, Universitas Padjadjaran was chosen as the most favorite University with 58.937 registrars. After accepting around 8000 new students, Unpad made a university introduction event that was titled “PRABU 2016”. Student Day is one of the events in the series. In Student Day, every student activity units have an opportunity to show off, one of them is Unpad Choir. Student Day was held in 23 August 2016, and was divided into 3 series, Parade Show, UKM Show, and Stand Visit

The committees of Unpad Choir’s RPAB (New Member Enrollment Series) choose Independence Day as the theme for this year, and made Independence Day atmosphere in every element of the series. For example, at the Parade Show Student Day 2016, the member of Unpad Choir wore costumes with colonialism theme, such as army, Indonesians, and Netherlands. Not only the costumes, during the parade Unpad Choir sung some national songs, such as Halo-Halo Bandung, Hari Merdeka, and many more.

The second series of Student Day 2016 was UKM Show with Indonesia Kirana team of Unpad Choir, the new students were watching the trailer of Indonesia Kirana as a medium to promote the screening that were going to be held in Bale Sawala, Jatinangor on 17 September 2016. The member of Unpad Choir also distributed some flyers that were filled with Unpad Choir’s upcoming events. From this event we hope that more people will be inspired with our spirit to fight internationally especially the new students.

The last event was Stand Visit, where every student can visit every student activity units’ stands, including Unpad Choir’s. The vibe of Independence Day were seen from the stand decoration and some national songs that were brought live by the member of Unpad Choir..

Similar as this year’s theme of RPAB which is Independence Day, the enthusiasm of the new students were seen by the amount of students who visit Unpad Choir’s stand. “The new students’ enthusiasms is really big, this can be seen by the total of 400 new registrants of Unpad Choir. They were patiently waiting even it was so cramped and stiflingly hot. I hope all of the new registrants of Unpad Choir will keep up their enthusiasm and spirit” Tia Asiyah Rahmah, the Project Officer of Unpad Choir’s RPAB 2016 stated.
The achievements of Unpad Choir were the reason of the new students’ enthusiasms and interested with this student activity unit. “I was already interested of joining Unpad Choir since long time ago, I often watch their videos on Youtube also. I love to sing, I am a member of school’s choir since I was in grade school until high school.” Ashilla, one of the new registrants of Unpad Choir stated.

(Maharani Praphesti)
Translator : Maharani Praphesti



Rezlan Ishar Jenie

Duta Besar RI untuk Perancis - "Kegiatan pagelaran seni dan budaya semacam ini (Konser Kebudayaan PSM Unpad di Perancis) merupakan upaya untuk semakin mempererathubungan dan meningkatkan rasa saling pengertian antara Indonesia dengan perancis"

Nicholas Aubert

Founder of Recontre Culturelles de Valle de Joux (RCVJ) - "Your Variety program was awesome. Great Performance!"

Arifi Saiman

Pensosbud KBRI Paris - "Para tamu undangan tidak bergeming dan tidak beranjak dari tempat duduk meskipun MC telah memberitahu bahwa acara sudah selesai."

Jean Claude Wilkens

Judge of 48th Montreux Choral Festival - "I am very happy that your choir(Padjadjaran University Choir) is developing so welll."



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