The Spirit of the 20th Annual Concert from CFD Dago

Annual concert is one of Unpad Choir’s annual programs, and this year they will hold their 20th Annual Concert. This 20th Annual Concert’s theme is nostalgia. The theme was chosen to commemorate the journey from the 1st until the 20th annual concert.
Annual Concert can only be held with a proper preparation. Aside from singing, the event and organization preparation is also important. To support this concert Unpad Choir held some fundraising event, one of them is busking in CFD (Car Free Day) on last Sunday (17/7).

The busking preparation was started at 06.00 WIB. The singers gathered in Unpad Choir’s secretariat to do a warming up. After the warming up, the singers went to the fundrasing location together. Then, they prepared themselves to entertain the Car Free Day visitors. They sang so many varieties of songs, starting from popular songs, folksongs, until international songs.

This fundraising concept through busking has been done since a long time ago, so we may call it as an every year tradition. The objective of this activity is to maintain physical health and to keep the singers’ spirits and solidarity, in addition of fundraising and concert publication.

The singers undergo the fundraising with spirits and passions. “For me, to sing in Car Free Day Dago is really fun! We can exercise, refresh ourselves, and do our hobby in the same time. It felt really great when the visitors loved our performance and complimented us.” the Project Officer of Unpad Choir’s 20th Annual Concert, Vanda stated.
(Andini Humaira)
Translator : Maharani Citra Praphesti




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