The Warmness of Unpad Choir’s 38th Anniversary, Viva 70s

The Warmness of Unpad Choir’s 38th Anniversary, Viva 70s
Unpad Choir just held their 38th Anniversary in Villa Istana Bunga, Lembang, Bandung on Saturday (21/5). With “Viva 70s” as its theme this year, this two-day event was being attended by the member and alumni of Unpad Choir. The activities included in this event were alumni sharing, bonfire, and concert videos watching. There were also some competitions, which were video clip parody, talent show, wannabe, and games of the year.

This event successfully unified the active member and alumni. Happiness and joy radiated when the video clip parody, talent show, and wannabe contests were being held. Each team’s material has to be related to “Viva 70s”, the theme of the event. This can be seen on the video clip parody of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen from Tenor team, 70s News Reading parody for Soprano team’s Talent Show, and Warkop DKI wannabe by Bass. The team with the highest score will win the Voice of The Year prize, which was won by Tenor.

The Project Officer of Unpad Choir’s 38th Anniversary, Andini Humaira explained the meaning of this event is gratitude, to reflect Unpad Choir’s achievement all this year. “With this celebration, we hope each element of Unpad Choir keep being motivated to make Unpad Choir better in both singing and organization term. This event was to evaluate things that we haven’t achieved also” she added.

Eka Budi Gunawan, one of the members of Unpad Choir hoped that this event can be a form to gather each generation of Unpad Choir. “I hope this program can unify each element of Unpad Choir and make Unpad Choir getting better and better each year” he stated.

Arvin Zeinullah, the Main Conductor of Unpad Choir stated a few things related to Unpad Choir’s current situation. He hoped this organization will be able to pass each challenge they encounter. “The biggest challenge of Unpad Choir right now is to unify our point of view and our fight sense, because the character of each generation is different. Unpad Choir has to solve these challenges by a lot of method, from practice, et cetera. I hope Unpad Choir could get through those challenges and inspire more people in the future” he stated.
(Yunus Insan)
Translator : Maharani Citra Praphesti




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