Coordination and Organization Development in the Mid-Year Meeting

Not only developing skills in singing technique, Unpad Choir as an organization also developed its member’s organization soft skill through the board and organization. Mid-Year Meeting is an annual agenda from the board. This meeting was a media to evaluate and develop the organization. In this period, the Mid-Year Meeting was being held in Building 1, 4th floor, Unpad Iwa Koesoemasoemantri, Bandung on Sunday (11/06) morning. The event was being attended by the manager and the staff of the board.

The agenda of the Mid-Year Meeting was report reading and mid-year evaluation by each division. Critiques and advices were also being stated by the staff of the board. The system used this time was discussion, started with each manager’s presentation to explain their work these past 6 months including the obstacles, advices, and upcoming program. The event was continued with Q&A session by the board. “It was fun to meet and discuss things with all of the staff, everyone could know each division situation and tell their own advices” Najma, the president of Unpad Choir stated.

Aside from report and evaluation, the next agenda was games and Iftar. Before the games started, each division has to send their 2 representatives. Finally, Media Promotion and Creative Branding division (MPCB) won the games. After the games ended, the event was continued with Iftar. Both of those agenda were created by Research and Development division as a form to bond each element of the board. “The goal is to strengthen each staff interpersonal relationship, so we can increase the compactness of Unpad Choir’s board” Maudi, the manager of Research and Development division.
(Andini Humaira)
Translator: Maharani Citra Praphesti




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