The Burning Spirit in Kompor 2016

That morning, some students were seen busily preparing an event in West UKM Area of Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor. A decoration with the writing of “Kompor” indicates the title of the event. Kompor (Kompetisi Olahraga) or Sport Competition is an annual event that was organized by the Project Development division of Unpad Choir. The members of Unpad Choir always anticipate this event every year.

Ahmad Aldi Purnama as the Project Officer of Kompor 2016 explained that Kompor is an event, packaged as a sport competition with its goal to strengthen the relationship and compactness of Unpad Choir member, from the newest member to the alumni because that is the most important thing in choir. “The goal of Kompor is to strengthen members’ relationships, teamwork, compactness and solidarity” he added.

Kompor was opened with a morning exercise. After the morning exercise, every team was preparing their team to participate in the first competition of Kompor, which is Mencari Koin. Every team was wearing a color to resemble their team, Soprano with white color, Alto with red, Tenor with grey, and Bass with black.
Not only with color, but each team showed their compactness with their own cheer also. They prepared their cheer as creative as possible so they can win the Cheer contest. Kompor was continued with some other competitions, which were Makan Kerupuk, Tarik Tambang, Estafet, Balap Karung, Memecahkan Balon, and Bakiak.

The most awaited competition was Male and Female Futsal, even though it was raining before the competition started, but it didn’t affect the participants’ spirit. The supporter’s cheers made Kompor getting hotter and hotter. “Kompor was so fun! We can feel the harmony of Unpad Choir, all of the member is really close with each other and funny” Vira, one of the participant from Alto team commented.

The event was closed with winner announcement, Soprano and Tenor won the Mencari Koin competition, Alto and Bass won the Makan Kerupuk competition, Soprano and Bass won the Tarik Tambang competition, Estafet by Alto and Tenor team, Balap Karung by Soprano and Tenor team, Memecahkan Balon by Alto and Bass team, Bakiak by Alto and Tenor, and Futsal by Soprano and Bass. In Kompor 2016, each team has the sam score, which made Bass team became the Voice of the Year after winning the Cheer contest.
(Maharani Praphesti)
Translator : Maharani Praphesti



Rezlan Ishar Jenie

Duta Besar RI untuk Perancis - "Kegiatan pagelaran seni dan budaya semacam ini (Konser Kebudayaan PSM Unpad di Perancis) merupakan upaya untuk semakin mempererathubungan dan meningkatkan rasa saling pengertian antara Indonesia dengan perancis"

Nicholas Aubert

Founder of Recontre Culturelles de Valle de Joux (RCVJ) - "Your Variety program was awesome. Great Performance!"

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Jean Claude Wilkens

Judge of 48th Montreux Choral Festival - "I am very happy that your choir(Padjadjaran University Choir) is developing so welll."



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