Thank You SEMANGAT Cabinet and Enjoy Your Duty BERANI Cabinet

The Great Deliberation is one of the events that were held by Unpad Choir by the end of management period. In this period, the great deliberation was held in Building 1, 3rd floor, Unpad Iwa Koeseomasoemantri, Bandung on Sunday (03/01) morning. The event was being held until 23.00 WIB. This event was being attended by both active or passive member and the alumni of Unpad Choir.

In this great deliberation, there were some agenda that were done, one of them was accountability report of the management in the period of 2015. Each active member of Unpad Choir had their right to voice their opinions and advices in this great deliberate on. “Alhamdulillah the great deliberation have run smoothly. Thank you for the trust and the teamwork for this last 9 months. I wish all of the deficiency and internal problem last year can be repaired and the next board will improve the organization effectiveness” Unpad Choir’s president SEMANGAT cabinet period 2015, Nindya stated.

Finished with the accountability report, the next great deliberation’s agenda was the election of the next Unpad Choir’s president for the period of 2016. After some election stages, there were 4 candidates. They were Ilham Nur Muhammad, Najma Nabila Savitri, Arief Nurrohman, and Agung Darmawangsa. The interesting part of this year’s election was the process and campaign that were done in social media. This method shows us the rivalry between the candidates in improving their skills as well as showing their potential.

This year election for Unpad Choir’s president was started with a speech of each president candidates’ vision and mission and was continued with Q&A session. There was also a debate session between each candidate, in which each candidate met each other and answered questions that were asked by the great deliberation’s participants. And then, the deliberation’s participant chose their president. With a slight vote difference, finally the president of Unpad Choir for the period of 2016 is Najma Nabila Savitri.

“For me, being the president of Unpad Choir is a mandate from people who trust me. I hope Unpad Choir can keep on being the student activity unit that has a lot of achievements” Najma, the president of Unpad Choir BERANI cabinet stated.

(Andini Humaira)
Translator: Maharani Praphesti




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