Unpad Choir Mesmerized Surabaya in Melodijo Veselja

After successfully holding their 19th annual concert “Melodijo Veselja” in Jakarta two weeks ago, Unpad Choir successfully amazed over 300 spectators in Suara Surabaya Center last Saturday for their second show of the concert. There are 72 singers who participated in the concert that was led by Arvin Zeinullah, the Main Conductor of Unpad Choir. The duration of the concert was 2 hours, and showcased 19 songs that were divided into 2 sessions. Unpad Choir also collaborated with PSUA (Airlangga University Choir) for the concert’s execution.

This concert is one of the forms to prove Unpad Choir’s existence and a place for aspiration sharing and creativity exploring of organization potential that was applied in the concert committee, Mario Johan Hartono, the 19th Annual Concert’s Project Officer stated.

The majority of the songs in the first session of the concert were classical songs from famous composers, such as Ambroz Copi and Josef Karai. This session have some characteristics, which are the usage of Latin language and dynamic tempo. The highlight of the concert was De Profundis by Josef Karai, the spectator as if entering a dark room that was filled with whispers and voices, like the meaning of the song which is asking for forgiveness to God after stuck in darkness.

The concert was continued to the second session. In this session, the spectators were invited to know more about Basque’s music, in the north of Spain through Tirukutauki and Oihu Hau that was composed by a Spanish composer, David Azurza. The songs in the second session were much lighter than the first session. This was shown by the performances of some popular songs, such as Slap That Bass by George Gershwin, and I Follow the Sun, one of the song of a legendary band, The Beatles.

The spectators were also being entertained by a piano and contrabass performance that was played by Zsaskia Shabrina and Hans Liawan Sanjaya.  The concert was closed with the performance of O Salutaris Hostia and two Indonesian songs, Lukisan Tanah Air and Soleram. The support of good acoustic quality in the venue made the voices clearer and more beautiful.

The alumni of Unpad Choir who was present in the concert explained that the singers performed the songs really well despite the difficulty of the songs. “They tried to keep on increasing their voice quality and performance so they can keep up with the conductor’s standard”. Same with Ibnu, Fauzan Maghribi, one of the concert’s spectators explained that Unpad Choir has succeeded to perform the songs nicely. “The way Unpad Choir performed the songs was really fun, the spectators can feel the meaning of the songs”.

Meanwhile, Ageng Pujarachman, one of PSUA representation stated positive impressions that were obtained in the concert. For him there were always special impressions in every single song. “The songs that were chosen are indeed interesting and fun, the spectators never felt bored in every session”. He also added his hope for the teamwork between Unpad Choir and PSUA that has been going on for five years. “I hope this teamwork will keep on going and will advance to another program, such as comparative study as a place to share our experience or a collaboration concert so we can strengthen our teamwork that has been going on since 2010”.

(Primagung Dary RIliananda)
Translator: Maharani Praphesti




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