The Successful Collaboration Concert of Unpad Choir and Rundfunkchor

Unpad Choir successfully held a collaboration concert with Rundfunkchor, the oldest choir from Berlin, Germany titled “Dalam Dekapan Damai” in Aula Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Unpad Dipati Ukur on Tuesday (27/10) night.
In the last few months, Unpad Choir has been preparing themselves by practicing with Nicolas Fink, one of Rundfunkchor’s conductors. The preparation was already done before the arrival of Runfunkchor’s singers and main conductor, Simon Halsey.

“The difficulty they encounter while practicing was how to pronounce German words correctly. Although, I think Unpad Choir has already accustomed to German traditional songs repertoire” Fink stated. The concert’s duration was 1,5 hours and was a part of German Season, a form of Indonesia and Germany’s partnership with the goal to deepen both countries’ relationship in many sectors, especially culture. This is the reason why both choir sang both German and Indonesian songs.

“This collaboration opportunity with Unpad Choir is a pleasure for me. Unpad Choir has the quality, energy, and desire to give their best performance. We saw this as a thing that we should appreciate” Simon stated.

The concert that night was divided into 3 sessions. The first session was opened with a collaboration performance between Unpad Choir and Rundfunkchor with Simon Halsey as the conductor. In this session, some spectators were invited to join the stage.

The next session both choir performed some Indonesian songs and was conducted by Arvin Zeinullah, such as Soleram, Pagi Bening, and Lukisan Tanah Air. The concert was continued with a special performance by Rundfunkchor in the third session and was closed with a joined performance of both choirs with Friede Auf Erden.

“I love the way Unpad Choir sing while making a fun atmosphere. This choir group also can be considered as a professional” Simon added. The last performance invited a lot of applauses from the spectators in the venue.

“I hope from quality wise, Unpad Choir will improved after acquiring new knowledge from another choir and conductors, and I hope from this concert people will know and acknowledge Unpad Choir more” Dhiyani stated.
(Ardiansyah Mega Putra)
Translator: Maharani Praphesti



Rezlan Ishar Jenie

Duta Besar RI untuk Perancis - "Kegiatan pagelaran seni dan budaya semacam ini (Konser Kebudayaan PSM Unpad di Perancis) merupakan upaya untuk semakin mempererathubungan dan meningkatkan rasa saling pengertian antara Indonesia dengan perancis"

Nicholas Aubert

Founder of Recontre Culturelles de Valle de Joux (RCVJ) - "Your Variety program was awesome. Great Performance!"

Arifi Saiman

Pensosbud KBRI Paris - "Para tamu undangan tidak bergeming dan tidak beranjak dari tempat duduk meskipun MC telah memberitahu bahwa acara sudah selesai."

Jean Claude Wilkens

Judge of 48th Montreux Choral Festival - "I am very happy that your choir(Padjadjaran University Choir) is developing so welll."



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