Unpad Choir Captivated The Delegations of Asian-African Conference Commemoration 2015

In the context of commemorating 60 years since the historical conference, Unpad Choir was trusted by the provincial government of West Java to perform at the main procession of the 60th Asian African Conference Commemoration 2015 on Friday (24/4) taking place on Gedung Merdeka Street, Bandung, the first meeting point of the conference’s delegates in 60 years ago.
The performance of Unpad Choir was the second participation, after having participated in the 50th Asian-African Conference Commemoration in 2005--they also performed at that international event. This undoubtedly made every elements of Unpad Choir proud, as well as Universitas Padjadjaran and the society of West Java in general. This credibility is a respected appreciation towards the presence of Unpad Choir who became an outstanding choir who has played on both national and international stages.
A number of 37 students credibly participated in this activity. Unpad Choir began the procession by performing the song “Halo Halo Bandung”. Afterwards, at the end of the procession, Unpad Choir sang a legendary song entitled “Bandung Selatan di Waktu Malam” by Indonesian composer, Ismail Marzuki which was collaborated with music of Angklung from Saung Angklung Mang Udjo. Both songs indicated Bandung, the host city which was officially crowned as The Capital of Asia-Africa by President Joko Widodo. The melodious collaboration between angklung and the beautiful symphony from Unpad Choir was a combination which successfully fascinated the delegates and the invited guests who were present. Unpad Choir also presented some entertaining songs they used to perform at the previous concerts, such as “Bungong Jeumpa”, “Dorven Dalai”, and “Asika Thali”. Those songs represented the diversity of folksongs from various states, particularly the states of Asia and Africa.
The performance of Unpad Choir was witnessed by 22 Heads of States and numerous delegations of Asian-African Conference Commemoration attending the procession, i.e. The President of People’s Republic of China (Xi Jinping), The President of South Africa (Jacob Zuma), and The President of Myanmar (Thein Sein). So did President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo and the Ministers of his cabinet who did not miss the performance. (Translated by Peni Rizki)




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