36th Anniversary Unpad Choir

Padjadjaran University Choir just celebrated the 36th  anniversary. Located in Villa Istana Bunga (Lembang, West Java, May 24 & 25, 2014), Unpad Choir’s big family were present to enliven the event arranged by the committee. This was a merry super-hero-themed birthday party with various competitions and a little thanks-giving which aimed to strengthen the feeling of belonging to this organization.

In this 3-day-and-1-night event, several agenda were implemented, such as the competitions among the voices to get ”Voice of The Year” title consisting of talent show, video clip parody, Wannabe, and happy sports. In addition, we also had a morning gymnastics, lanterns-flying, barbequeing, and cone-rice cutting.  

The talent show was won by Bass, who had a creative dance and were dressed in suit and batik headband. Meanwhile, the video clip parody competition was won by Soprano. Like in the previous year, Soprano won the same category. At the moment, they parodied “Menghapus Jejakmu” by Peterpan video clip. The casts were Anastasia Puspita Ayu as Ariel, Iis Syarifah as Dian Sastro, and Zerlina Zuleika as a super hero who deliberately appeared to be an intermezzo, customizing the theme.

Another competed category was Wannabe, which was won by Alto, with Nasya and Helena Elsa Paveta as the casts who mimicked Susan and Ria.  And the rest was happy sports consisting of sack race, eel-catching and running, and Indonesia Pintar. The winner of this category was Bass, which then brought them towards becoming the Voice of The Year.

In this event, the entire PSM’s family became precisely more familiar with each other, supported by alumni who shared PSM’s life in the past and the present, and also their passion for singing with its joy and sorrow.

This event, that was chaired by Diki Agung Dwy, is an annual event held with different theme each year. However, the essence is still the same, that is to establish a good relationship among all the members, and between the members and the organization itself. Since as far as we know, a good organization is built from the internal members who have a good sense of belonging.




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